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17 February 2006

give a little bit :
I had plans today but after hibernating for like 2.5 days, today so isn't the day to go out. If I wanted to get sick and ensure I go into work in another week or 2 I'd be able to go out and get pneumonia today. The windchill and all isn't that bad but the driving winds are insane and can chill you down faster than aluminum cans chill down. I was being all brave deciding I was going out to get stuff and once I got out there I decided I so didn't need to be out there.

Hot Dr is still making the rounds in IM. Everyone else has blocked me and won't even return emails. Damn I'm good eh? And the comments here have dropped to NONE but then I'm getting damned (ok darned but she's not swearing so I'm doing it for her) at Glo's and more page hits then I can shake a stick at. Misery loves company, and apparently people love reading about it - but no one has much to say. I'm back in my right mind these days - being sick will give you time to wind down the level of inner bullshit you subject yourself too. Go read Sass she can explain it all so well - and it's weird that we have so much in common it seems. Thing is I never leave comment s on blogs whenn things aren't alright because I never know what to say that isn't cliché.

So I'm going off to OD on Need for Speed and taped movies. I'm so maxed and relaxed it seems like I've been on vacay for about a month so I know I'm feeling up to snuff and newly bulletproof. Now if the weather would cooperate I could go out and relieve my sinus congestion without having pieces of my skin sheared off by the wind. Hope this is over by tomorrow, I want to go out and take a free sleighride. I have a coupon and will drag my married friends along to winterlude. He he, I'm hoping that works out :) I'm using the coupon either way, and I'm going to have a coconut covered donut while I'm out cuz I'm so totally able to.

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