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18 January 2006

you say it's your birthday :
I got a big ass cake and shared it with everyone around. My so called plans have gone to hell but I've got a few things going on that will make up for it. I applied and got an interview for a teamlead position at my office. I take the interview/test Friday morning. Friday afternoon I am taking myself to the movies to see Underworld Evolution and that night the hot dr I met is coming to town to take me out for a steak dinner and maybe I'll get lucky. It's good to dream.

Today, as is wont for my birthday, the weather was EVIL and dastardly. We had ice rain over night and then it was topped off with copious amounts of rain, making the world of cake getting a super soaker wet and wild ride for those intrepid enough to venture out. I was out for the cake at 10 am and thankful I made it back here without need of any hip replacement surgery, but 10 to 11. It was annoying that the weather sucked, really off putting that my taxi driver du jour was deaf and irksome that everyone who wasn't wishing me a happy birthday, were asking me my age.

Kid M (jokingly?) told me I was too old to drink tonight. I told him to bite me. I was having some tarantula with pepsi lime. I've got a bad stomache lately so I have to take my libations lightly because I can't afford to miss work and I want to enjoy my two days off. Sure I have laundry to do and I have things I should do and people to say, money to spend and such. I just wanna sleep in and race cars. I wish someone had gotten me a maid for my birthday. It's a nice thought.

I was so ill feeling the other day I came home early fom work and went straight to bed. My stomache isn't much stronger yet and I don't know if I have a touch of the flu, even though I had my flu shot - but I think I ate something bad and it's lingering. I maybe subconsciously stressing about the job interview - because I really want the job, but I am wondering if I'm not kidding myself about being able to convince the people in charge I'm the ONE. I have been told repeatedly I give good interview and yet I never get the job and I'm worried I'm getting ahead of myself and getting my hopes up for something that might not happen.

Always trying to be the realist, because it's sucky feeling cheated after you get all convinced something's gonna happen that doesn't. Yea cuz I don't convince myself a little, I go whole hog and set up shop in an alternate reality IF I let myself. So I try to stay balanced. Easier said than done.

I owed it to you to drop by and say hello. I didn't die and everyone is well, full of cake and eagerly holding out hope for the next best thing. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:59 PM

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