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05 January 2006

who'll give you time to cry and time to find yourself :
I think it's funny the amount of liars on the personal ads. I know it's no big suprise but it's also disgusting and stupid. Why lie? If you ever meet anyone they will find out, unless you actually contradict yourself before that happens. Liars are usually too stupid to remember what they lied about in relation to themselves and then they expose the lie. Ah it's a good chuckle all the way around. Internet dating and dating in general are not for the faint of heart.

Something I've been wondering about. I saw this add on tv for the Hollywood Plush Box Pillowtop bed, at Leons or the Brick or something. I don't care it's on 'special', I just wonder is it Hollywood Plush because it's made by recycling all the hair extensions that Britney, Hilary, Jennifer, Paris, Nicole, Lindsay and the lot use in a month? It's certainly more appealing then thinking it's stuffed with the remains of the beards every actor seems to sport when they get a bit of downtime.

Have I told you I love Craig Ferguson? I stay up to see the show all the time, where I didn't really care before. He's so funny. What's not funny is all the snow we got, so I'll be climbing over some nice squishy piles of snow to get to work. As long as it doesn't get into my shoes I'll live. Snow, snow, snow. At least it was nice and warmer for a while.

I get to start my next 4 day stint at work today. I get to go four, take a day, go four, take a day and then I don't know. I need to get that schedule because I want to get my birthday off. I'm trying to plan ahead, won't be easy or anything. It's never easy but it'd be worth it. The trade off comes in that I also have to plan for my foot, and that is a lot more important to me then the birthday, I can move the celebration to accommodate the foot. I hope I won't have to, but I can.

So I'm off to cook and think about the musician I'm after for a fling. It's been a good weekend to me, hope yours rolss by as good as well.

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