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09 January 2006

i wanted to know you :
First thought. How many of you commenter would like to see me reply to your comment in the a) next post or b) in the comments? Just wondering. We all know what I do now is either a or I go to you blog and comment, usually not about your comment, but I return the favour.

I was off to see the wizard. Or at least the ultra sound technician. To start the day off right I was putting on brown paper slippers to go in the no boots office, and several people followed my lead (I'm such a trend setter) after one on looker asked me WHY I was putting on the little paper slippers. It just proves my NOBODY reads theory. The Tech I saw was very worried she was hurting me. I took ibuprofen before going, I've got quite a dependency now that the glass is being honry - so I didn't feel a thing. I don't appreciate that poor thing look of abject horror when people feel like you should be in A LOT of pain and you aren't. I just don't feel pain that way. Maybe I was brainwashed of it I don't know, but it has to be pretty bad to make me say it's painful; otherwise it receives only the bugging me status.

So the official reading on the glass is its 2.9 centimeters. I read it on the ultrasound myself since I sat up cross-legged for the proceedings. It was nice. The poor tech was having palpitations fearing she was causing pain and went to check after taking to 'scans' to see if it was necessary to take more. So I have over an inch of glass in there. I'm hoping the operation comes sooner than a week plus from now, but the closer we get to the birthday party, the more I'm convinced I will be getting the glass out after it. We'll see.

I played video games all afternoon, cursing and swearing. I gave thrashing the controllers up for Lent a few years ago, but I use to have definite game rage. My 21st friend says she will sell me her Xbox so then I could play it all the time. Now that Kid M is talking about moving out to live with his g-f, there maybe a need. I'd not have any reason to get one all for myself, but to share it with the house is a whole other story. I also did laundry. The gaming is over but the laundry is soon to be finished. It has another hour to go. Everyone is making dinner and hanging out but I came up here to finish the blog and say it's been a slice today. I'm off to be quiet and have no fun, as I am a dull girl.

Keep blogging.
(spell check is a beautiful thing I blame it on the contact lenses)
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:21 AM

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