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13 January 2006

i drove for miles and miles :
If I know one thing I know that getting my hair cut takes hours. Literally. We know that I suffer from indecisiveness when it comes to choosing a movie or a cd. I don't have that problem when it comes to my hair. I dislike my thick, fine, stuck to everything hair. I know it works for catching the mens and all, but other than that flies to honey aspect I'd rather have it all off. So I gave in and decided to have my dead ends lopped off. I went over to the learning school in the mall across the street and let them have a whack at it.

Now I'm not sure that it's possible for someone to have bad hair luck but I do . I have this improbabilty aura there that causes hair dressers of all ages and experiences to loose their ability to cut a straight line, follow directions and give a decent hair cut. I have a lot of issues with hair dressers. Mostly it's that I go in and I say I want an inch off, I want some layers on the sides and leave the back. And 3 or more inches later I don't have layers, I don't hve the back left and I so don't have an even haircut. After over an hour and a half today I had a haircut that was 1 inch longer on the left then on the right. Now the good thing is that I complained because I'm not blind with or without my glasses I knew the cut was crooked. Not a little I'm being picky crooked. A whol wahck of I must have tried to cut it myself crooked.

Now to be fair I paid 20 bucks with tip for the cut, so I wasn't expecting much. But even after the salon teacher came over and fixed the problem it was still wrong. I had to cut more off tonight when I got home because there were visible chunks of 1/2 hanging out from under the rest. It sucks to be me needing a haircut. Most times the cut is longer on the left, I think it's because I have more hair on that side of my head and so it throws the stylist off. It's usually noticible to me only because I use my jawline as a measure and the stylist and most people judge by my ears and one is slightly lower. I'm an asymmertical bighead. Whatever there was no wayt I was gonna let this wanna be stylist tell me I was fine and my hair was even on both sides. A fact she tried to demonstrate by standing infront of the mirror and pulling my hair out to show me under my chin. Yea because my telescopic eyes are in the shop I couldn't see it and I just kept saying "It's crooked I don't like it."

Aside from that I got my shopping groove on getting clothes and other necessities. I should be embarassed by the moeny I spent today but I am so NOT. I have so little fun. I got 'picked up' by the cab driver who brought me home from Loeb's tonight. He gave me a coupon for a free hour of pool at Dooly's for my birthday, because he said such a pretty girl shouldn't be at home all the time and bored. Yea it happens that way cuz I'm shameless, talk too much and to strangers and I know that musician just isn't that into me. He's making no effort and he's always on Lavalife so I'm thinking I'm just the backup entertainment. Which sucks because I'm the BIG act really. I'm not just the opener. The bench warmer. I guess it's closer to the game then the guys who won't give me a shot because anyone plus sized just doesn't exist. Give everyone a fair shake I think, but I know that attraction is key and there's the rub.

Fun fun fun day. I did have fun even though, after all the speculation and proclamations to the contrary about my foot - the Dr's secretary called today to tell me the thing in my foot is a BRUISE. Apparently I can have a bruise for like 3 months and it can keep going on forever with no end in sight. My Dr doesn't feel the need to see me about it so I guess that is the get over it eventually rub. So I decided that I needed to stop babying the foot and take a good hard look at it. Yes it's a distinct bump that swells and bulges, aches and throbs and turns from regular foot colour to deep purple when most annoying. But, maybe it's just a bump. Maybe I've got a slow healing deep internal wound that will be a memeory by April but now is keeping me from having fun and being the sprite I should be. So I went out and pounded the pavement in earnest today. I was out 8 hours and I'm thinking I may go out early tomorrow too, I still have to order my birthday cake. I think I want chocolate with red icing and white writing. Think they will do that at Loblaws?

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