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From the ghost land of the easy life.

29 January 2006

how soon is now? :
I have enough free time to really get into my own head. It also affords me time to ponder things I read like the news and my horoscopes. We all know I love freewillasrology.com, and every week it gives me something new to think about. It's nice to feel like someone gets you, and more than that, like there is work you can to do to better get yourself. Read it, see if I'm right or a fool.

I do, still, read the daily horoscopes that I can get at work online. I wonder why they are so rarely right and I think it's because, even with the full sun sign breakdown and astral explainations - they aren't specifically for me. They are for the sign. Millions of people have this sign. Millions more will be celebrating the start of the yera od the DOG sunday. I'm a metal Dog. I did a whole post about that before, you can see it if you wanna. I love that I can have many facets ddepending on what you look at in my background. Let's face it people are complicated so all you can ever really sum up is a point in time.

I'm going to get around to refining the blog a bit, going to change the honoured guest again. JC's stayed so long cuz he's so darned whimsical but I know it's time someone else stopped by and I did promise the guys a girl so I'm working on it. I got some new tea light holders and plan to crash early and head out early sot that I'm not harassed by the living of life around me as I try to avoid it on a Saturday morning. That's the real truth. I'm a night owl tho, one who needs 8 hours of sleep to feel fresh and less zombie-ish. The living dead thing comes from really having no social life and that's no ones' fault but my own. I am loathe to do much about it, so it's all on me. I'm working on that.

I did my good deed for the day. I saw someone had dropped a whole sheet of bus tickets in the mall. So instead of being a selfish person I picked them up and gave them back. The person was stunned that she dropped them and that I was giving them back. I'm so enjoying benevollence whil I have it. On the otherhand I'm having a Cousin IT hair day. I just washed it and I put all this no frizz stuff in it and blow dried it a bit and it poofed up. I dropped into my face and is making me insane. I'm either Cousin IT with a short bob or that girl from the ring with a short bob. Either way I'm hair annoyed.

So I got the annoying hair cut today, again. This hairdresser told me I couldn't have the cut I wanted because it would make my head deformed. Then she proceeded to give me what I asked for Kinda, but turned it into something reminiscent of Ricki Lakes' hair in Hairspray. God awful. I've washed it twice since I got home because it's fugly and she washed it with brunette enhancing shampoo so now my hair is brown.
I'm going to go tomorrwo and have a giant bleach blode streak done across the bangs and sides. I'm going duo toned. So I can put some punk colours in my hair if I want. I'm so bored and it's all I can really change right now.

Can't change my amazing bad luck with people. It seems people lie like breaathing. Sat there and listened to my married friend lie to my 21st friend about my playing Donkey Konga. I played until I won and then I stopped, it didn't take too long but my hands hurt from clapping and hitting and such fro over an hour. I guess this disappointed him and that became apparent with his remarks to my 21st friend while we were hanging out. It was kind of insulting because I had no problem with the game until he made those remarks. Now I'm not sure I'd play again because I may suck but at least I tried, no need to make out like I threw a fit and refused to even try.

I digress. It's Metal Playlist night.

10)crucify - tori amos
9) i will survive - gloria gaynor
8) passive - a perfect circle
7) prescious - depeche mode
6) baila me - the gypsy kings
5) ordinary people - john legend
4) ready for love - india arie
3) we might as well be strangers - keane
2) i defy you - the offspring
1) better days - the goo goo dolls


"Better Days"

And you ask me what I want this year
And I try to make this kind and clear
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days
Cuz I don't need boxes wrapped in strings
And desire and love and empty things
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

So take these words
And sing out loud
Cuz everyone is forgiven now
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

And it's someplace simple where we could live
And something only you can give
And thats faith and trust and peace while we're alive
And the one poor child that saved this world
And there's 10 million more who probably could
If we all just stopped and said a prayer for them

So take these words
And sing out loud
Cuz everyone is forgiven now
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

I wish everyone was loved tonight
And somehow stop this endless fight
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

So take these words
And sing out loud
Cuz everyone is forgiven now
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

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