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25 January 2006

goodnight and take care :
The 'new' grocery store's here! The 'new' grocery store's here. And I guess there was a 7 am party this morning, that no one told me about, because the entire lot fo Kids in the house got up and made copious amounts of noise. Infact no one got the idea I was even here til I left, when (unfunnily enough) some dipshit locked me out. I always have my key because they are really annoying my ass these days. My most immediate roommate Kid E, cranked his stereo up and SANG ALONG at 9 am. I SO DIDN"T WANT TO BE AWAKE BEFORE 10!

I have a plan this weekend to probably get my hair done with some big ass over bleached streaks that I can dye other colours. That way I can have orange, blue, purple or whatever colour I want streaks. I'm so not even remotely interested in what everyone is going to say because I'm surrounded by the idiot selfish and habitual liars. At this point in time I'm thinking if reality is a construct of the mind then this reality was created for me by the mind of my EX or my EVIL twin. Whatever the case it sucks ass and I want it to stop, LIKE , now.

I've really got to wonder why being a nice person is such a crappy thing. People lie to me without even thinking about it. The act like I don't exist and when they do know I'm here they ignore me. I keep trying to be nice, to chat them up and all I get for it is ignored. It sucks. And I keep trying. And it keeps sucking. I need to take a nap, because life sucks. If it sucked anymore I'd be lost in the Bermuda Triangle with the entire cast of any reality tv show. It would make me a stark raving homicidal loon. So how are things with you?

Stephen Harper is the new Prime Minister. Boo. Yea you know the WEST came out to vote with a vengence, now lets see if he gets anything done at all. I'd like to see that law appeals the stupidity ruling on student loans. There should be way more grants and the ability to NOT be forced into bankruptcy to pay them. I have my soap boxes and I'll stick to them until it's all moot. I'm feeling all run down and so HOPING the people take it easy on me tonight cuz I might cry, for lack of anything else to do. I've been saving it up. Mostly because it doesn't want to come out and play except when I'm in public and I'm so not looking for humiliations galore. I get them everytime I think my blog is going well. Like I hit 3030 visitors the other day and yet most of my fave bloggers don't read me, my blogroll hasn't generated reciprical links INFACT I've lost MORE. I'm bot even a blip on the radar in the blog world and my comments sections consists of mainly RaJ, who aside from being a family man ith a job, has taken on being my cheerleader and cheerleader for several others as well. Thank god for him or I'd be complaining about how all I do here is talk to myself.

Keep blogging.
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