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07 January 2006

are we middle class gangsters :
I'm kinda perpetually tired these days. My body is trying to fight off a head cold but then my sinus allergies are on high mucous, so I'm feeling all persian up the nose right now and I don't know when it will ever end. It's the only thing I detest about winter, there is no use in opening the windows because the heat is gonna dry out the sinuses anyways and make all of this worse. What I wouldn't give for a nice warm breeze.

I'm wishing it was March, but I'll get over it as it's just 11 days to my birthday and I'll be having cake. I haven't officially arranged the party for my birthday. I don't think anyone else is either, but I have a friend (21st) or 2 this year who have birthdays around the same time so we're trying to coordinate days off and have a joint party, that way it's more like we're celebrating with each other and throwing the party for the other. A little less pathetic that way.

I made a brand new set of best friends yesterday. We were at lunch and my 21st friend is daring these guys to guess my age. For whatever reason they decided that I was only 16. 16 with 19 years experience soon, but hey it was funny. So my 21st friend is all like she's the youngest old person you’re ever gonna meet. It was funny. It maybe a 'had to be there' moment but I thought I'd share it anyways.

As for the manhunt, I'm working on a musician, we'll see how that goes. I'm all for the pick up, but I do have a private method for choosing guys and I never juggle them. It's all about me here and it could have them losing interest but I don't care; there are a lot of horn dogs to choose from so I can take my time. There's one thing I've learned over the years - there is no such thing as no one to date/mate with.

Carpool guy is being such a bitch these days. He won't come and get his money and I know if I spend a penny he'll be there going where is it. I need sandwich meat because the fridge here sucks and it doesn't last at all in there. I'm all in for the pick up the necessities but I'd need to travel to get the meat and there comes in the spending of his money. Bus tickets aren't cheap. He doesn't seem to care and all so I should just go ahead and spend it and pay him Thursday. I just wish he'd stop being such a baby and just come take the money. I'm screwing up my ankle enough these days walking to and from work and all; I don't need to spend 40 minutes looking for his deranged ass in the call centre.

I do have one serious (sorta) fashion question. Does anyone know why there is a trend to buy really long boots and then roll your pants up, or just wear clamdiggers or summer pants, with them to show off most of the boot? I think it looks stupid. I love long boots, I can't wear them as I have large calves but hey I know they are great in the winter and if you have to walk anywhere through any kind of snow they are fabulously dry. It just looks stupid to have you pants rolled, cuffed, cropped or cut off at the top the long boots, in the middle of wintertime. Most of the girls wearing this look are also sporting mini jackets and shaking uncontrollably on the mildest of days. I think Carmen Electra and anyone else who were ever photographed wearing this look need to make a public apology and beg these idiots to dress properly for the season instead of LA style. Does LA ever get subzero temps and snow?

Yea yea I know not a little ray of sunshine but I'm trying. Wish me luck my pretties and keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 10:25 AM

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