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17 December 2005

you follow me around :
There is nothing like going to see back to back movies. I saw Just Friends and The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe; yesterday. It was fun and I had way too much sugar (one giant rootbeer) and some chocolate bar. But it was fun and then I came home and made pasta with oil, garlic, peppers and chicken. I managed to go to the movies and dispell the myth I couldn't cook at all.

Not anyone here is having anything much to do with me. They are hanging out in the basement talking. I think it's kinda rude but then again it doens't much matter what I think because I never say anything. I don't need to hang out with them. The obvious seperation of them and me is just a bit of segregation that makes me wonder why they would ask me to live here and then make a point of making no effort to get to know me. Kid J was totally shocked I did the dishes. She seems to think it's the rare bird here that helps out.

Speaking of rare birds, I had lunch today with Beatle's guy. He's new. He's trying to figure me out but I was half way done lunch and he was just half way into his when I had to leave. It was like speed dating. Only I think it frazzles him that I just keep walking away. Well I am a stickler for trying to be on time. I don't always succeed. I try. It's all I can do right?

I watched the rip off remake of a Christmas Carol with Thomas Everett Scott last night and tonight. It's ok but I'm not so in love with TES these days that I didn't notice how he didn't really do the role justice, Infact I think it was mostly lame. I did like the Mr. Rose-Cogg actor. I always like him. An old favourite. I think my problem with TES is that he doesn't really bring honesty to the cranky and Scrooge-ish role he's supposed to be embodying. He did nuts ok when he was on ER but the whole mean and evil thing just lacks a certain authenticity. I can't buy it, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Anyways I'm all happy go lucky. I'll be making the big bucks working Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day too. I'll have lots of bed buying power come January at least:) Now if I can just avoid catching a cold it'll all work out splendidly and everyone will be oh so happy and successful and it will be an excellent New Year.

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