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26 December 2005

too far, too fast, too soon :
So my pretties I'm home. I took the get out of jail free card, also known as fo home early tonight. I'm a bit tired and cranky. Cramps - Nuff said. Of course it stops raining/snowing so Carpool guy is all raring to go to get my bed over here but I'm dying for the down time. I don't feel like I've stopped moving in about a thousand years. Since I'm not a shark it's not necesary to my survivla to be continuously going. However I am very awed by their stamina.

So it's another night of cookies for desert. This paycheque is all mine and I'm looking forward to getting a lot of food for myself. Now if only I didn't have to worry about getting my food ruined or stolen by KidM, the idiot asshole roommate. Yea it's a bit Christmas Grinch of me, but I'm like that when I'm left a boat load of dishes for Christmas by someone who has no impairments or reasons for not cleaning up after himself, other than his pure arrogance. I detest the arrogant.

I'm so basking in laziness right now. It's not even funny. More than anything I'm ready for a ten hour nap. It's rare that it's quiet enough around here that I get a solid sleep. The drawback of roommates who are self absorbed to the maximum. I was like them once, this is the payback part of karma I know :) I didn't spend all holiday drinking the tequila I got. Tarantula is pretty good really, it mostly takes like the wine it's mixed with (to give it the citrus flavours) to me. Of course all the chickens here won't even try it, but waste no time in telling me it's not REAL tequila. If you won't do a shot I don't value your oppinion on the liquor. And then Kid M, before he left, thought he'd tell me when I should drink it. I guess he didn't feel gutsy enought to come out and say he wanted some, or smart enough to ask if he could try it. Instead he took the "Tonight's the night for the tequila." route and I just said nope. Wonder if he pissed on my tooth brush for that. Apparently, he's glad to tell, if you act like he does he'll piss in your scope or on your toothbrush or whatever. Most excellent knowledge to have huh?

Note to self, use back up toothbrush and keep it in your room at all times!!!!!!!

I'm revelling in the tape I got of Sense and Sensibility and A Walk in The Clouds. They were a double bill on tv the other night and I taped them. Mr Reeves notwithstanding, I love the Ang Lee movie. It replaced A Room With A View, as my favourite period piece as soon as I saw it. The top 3 there are Sense and Sensibility, Dangerous Liasons and A Room With A View.

Just in case you wondered. Keep blogging :)
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 10:38 PM

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