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29 December 2005

tonight i'm gonna give you all i got :
So this 'like new' bed is here. It was LIKE new in 1930 I believe. I have a movie with Keanu Reeves in it, where his girlfriend is handcuffed to a bed very similar to this one. The take it apart and escape with the headboard, I love tha movie. The bed I was motrified at.

It isn't that I don't appreciate the fact I got a bed for Christmas. IT WAS on the list and Santa was listening obviously. Thing is Carpool guy said it was new. He never disabused me of my belief it was a boxspring and mattress and a dinky little frame. Most of the bed is the frame. Infact the frame is 5 seperate pieces that I, myself, have no clue how to assemble. Lins , my bffc, and her man came by and were kind enough Tuesday to help me move the bed and buy me breakfast. Love y'all!

Lins's Andrew put the bed together. It seems to me to be somekind of brain teasing puzle. Apparently I can't think around that corner. I was adamently urged NOT to pay for the bed. The reason being that it's in BAD condition. Not the frame so much, it's steel and can be painted (red Lins knew right away) but the mattress looks like it was through hell and back and the NEWest thing about it is probably some of the holes.

I sprayed it with so much no name febreeze that my room smelt sparkling perfumed fresh. The bed is a sponge and the more I put on the more it soaked up. I felt DIRTY touching it. Seriously, I developed an OCD and had to wash repeatedly after every contact with it. Lins was covered in cat hair from it and I was wondering who or what had peed on the bed repeatedly. After breakfast I came home and spent half an hour vacuuming the mattress. Then I soaked it with the no name febreeze stuff again, opened the window and went to work.

Fast forward to 10ish and Kid N and J are home now. I show them the bed and ask Kid N to help me find something better than a book to hold up the bottom corner where there is a missing caster, and to possibly help me get some plywood or 2 by 4's to plank the bed and keep it from sagging incredibly. I slept on it that night. I didn't die but I should probably be boiled.

The next day Kid N wisked me off to Ikea where I got a brand spanking new mattress. for a mere 160 dollars I now have an most excellent bed. I haven't paid Carpool guy yet. I will because I said I would and I'm honourable that way. He did bring it all the way here from Brockvegas and all. He could have told me it was his cat's scratching post and someone/something had accidents on it. But I think he knew that would lower the price. At least I know what he thinks 'like new' means. I'm very afraid of what NEW means to him. it's flashing Dr Frankenstein images to me right now.

The Ikea mattress is a 20" Sultan coil and foam. It's so amazing that it reduced the sag of the bed and it doen't feel like a spring mattress and I got a normal nights sleep at last. No allergies making me cold or anyhting. I am so happy. I am so going to have to smile all day :) That and the sight of the original mattress incased in ice in the back yard (it can't contaminate anything frozen like that), will put smile lines on my in no time.

I get to have my foot ultrasound the 9th. I figure the glass should be out before my birhtday. I'm gonna have a party and sing 50 cent because I can. And it will be fun. I am so determined. We're having ice rain today. It started last night and so I'm procrastinating from going out because I don't like hitting the ground all that much. I'm going to drink Cahmpagne on New Years so I have to go out and get some soon. I work New Years Eve and Day so I'm going to have to drink responsibly. Kid N says that anyone wat the house will be shit faced by the time I get home at 10ish. I don't care as long as Kid M stays outta my way. If he's worse as a drunk I'd probably spank him, I'm so not in the mood. From what I've heard he'd make me his new bit on the side for that tho. Apparently he openly cheats on his woman of 5 years and she stays. Whatever. Doesn't help his points in my book.

Keep blogging pretties.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 10:43 AM

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