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07 December 2005

take me home cuz i don't remember :
In the name of getting a post on here by the right date I'm here. I don't have much to say except I think Kid M has his girlfriend in his room. I don't know if we can have 'guests' but if she isn't in there then he's making some weird noises I don't want to think about. Eww sorry.

Y didn't bother to answer the phone when I called. Who here is suprised? I have a nice pointy hat for you to wear, now go stand in the corner with gum on your nose k? I'm waiting out the last one day weekend. I only have Saturday off then I get to work until I get 2DAYS in a ROW off. I'm psyched. Of course getting PAID that time make me happier because I'll be able to go do stuff. Oh and NEXT time I donate to charity it will be a REAL charity where people who need it get stuff, not selfish assholes. IF I ever see her again it won't be pretty.

Anyways I do have real friends. One said they'd come with mr to get my stuff back, and shoot the dog if it got in the way. It's a nice thought, not that I condone animal cruelty. I realize it's all talk tho, if I'd had a car waiting ther'd have been an excuse forthcoming cuz people are like that. I don't care any ways. I'm done with Y and her bullshit. I'm so happy I didn't become her roommate I'm ready to shop, and I only have 10 bucks to do it with so the idea is funny. I can grocery shop with that but not much else.

Anyhoo I'm off to watch LOST and sleep and such. I'll regale you all later with my exploits and eventually a new site design and some more poetry. Thanks for stopping by.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:40 PM

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