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25 December 2005

so load up keep driving :
I'm in weirdo mode. I'm bored and all over doing anything. I did laundry last night. Watched a movie and washed a load of dishes. Tonight I've got a shower, another movie, the blog and I'm gonna bake cookies. I don't really have the ability to do anything else but plan for my bed. It's in town, but in the Murphy's Law tradition, it's being held hostage by really shitty weather. Since it's the rainy season now I have to wait to get the thing the block we have to carry it. We're planning tomorrow weather permitting if not Tuesday. I guess that's better than Wednesday when I have assorted plans with 4 other people. Popular after the holidays.

Anyways I wanted to say happy happy to everyone. I'm having a blaa being alone, it's really only for 2 days and 3 nights, but it's some kinda heaven. I'm just hanging in style in my fabu nightie, it's all old lady but I've got crapt to move and such so I can (I pray) get my bed in here tomorrow. Sheer force of will, will make it so. I fell in love on the bus the other day. I saw a great guy. They are so rare I had to fall for him.

Of course I don't know him. He was wearingthis funny blue, red, yellow and white striped sweater. He had on a hat and a leather jacket and some jeans and I only noticed (sweater now withstanding because I have an inner fashionista) because he did something so entirely rare. On a crowded Ottawa bus, instead of just taking the next available seat he offered it up to the women who were standing also. Not just the young or the old ones, or the cute ones, or just one, he offered it to everyone. I have to love that. Anyways dude, way to go. You should be cloned.

Have a happy. I'm gonna go make cookies for supper :)

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