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07 December 2005

she makes me wanna die :
So I’m pissed. It’s not PMS either. I was screwed over by Y, that so called friend. She gave me a cheque for the stuff her and her b-f were getting off me. Guess who cancelled said cheque and now has NO TIME to talk to me. BITCH.

Anyways my day was nice until I got home and saw that shit. Because now I am in the minus and I don’t have overdraft so that should be freaking impossible. I know it’s because all this BS happened over the weekend and the cancellation of the cheque didn’t get processed til today sometime or I’m sure I would have seen declined all over the place, every time I tried to use my bank card. Oh just once can’t someone who owes me money actually give it to me and not lie, avoid, and not bother about it? Why doesn’t anyone actually pay their bills? I do, when I can. I don’t give someone a cheque they can’t cash, that’s for sure. (not on purpose anyways). Also now my next pay is already reduced more than the day I missed, it’s down almost an entire day on top of that.

Well at least I wasn’t needing anything like food or such, think I’m covered. Of course now I’ll go to the Christmas party with a bag so I bring stuff home, just in case I need food before NEXT Thursday. I’m tripping right now because I coulda hocked a lot of that stuff and gotten real money for it not this BS where I could have money for it if someone didn’t take the time to go PAY to have the cheque Stopped. I know that costs money. I have cancelled a cheque or 2 in my time and if she’s as cheap as I know she is (I KNOW she is), it musta hurt like hell to PAY to stop giving me the money she owes. Which means it was there - but she didn’t want me to have it. I’m no fool about STOPPED cheques.

So now I’m gonna stew about that til I go eat my Caesar salad and relax with some NCIS. I was having a good day til, now I wish I had a car cuz somebody’d be getting a personal house call and giving me back my stuff. Dog or no dog.

Speaking of pets. Pets LOVE me, have I mentioned that. The housecat here loves me and my room. Mostly because I sleep on an air mattress and he can’t get in here when I’m not here. I don’t want it popped. He visited earlier tonight, crawled under the blanket on the bed and the tried to attack me through it. Ah good times. Now that I’m smiling I’ll be off.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:40 AM

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