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From the ghost land of the easy life.

30 December 2005

now that we're here so far away :
I was out and about. I had blood tests done and the tech chatted me up. I got the champagne for tomorrow night. I got Asti Spumanti and a Canadian Champagne rosé. I thought a sparkling wine couldn't call itself Champagne unless it was from that region in France. Not unlike how Scotch must be made in Scotland. I was at the Highlander again and I always read the info/menu at the table. It's the reason I have so much useless knowledge. I read whatever is around. I watch all kinds of edutainment shows and I even file the stuff away to use again later, mostly as a question because I'm running out of brain cells so I think my brain is short forming the info and I'm having a bit of fun recalling the actual data.

So like I said I thought the champagne had to come from a region in France. I know I saw that on TLC or A&E or maybe Sunday afternoon on Wine and Spirits after the car show. Anyhoo, this place in Niagara Falls doesn't know and doesn't care and is calling their stuff champagne. It was actually the ONLY champagne in the entire LCBO. The rest were all sparkling wines. I was not going to hike down to the BIG LCBO to see if they had an actual selection. Foot notwithstanding, I didn't want to trek out too far in thw -18 celsius. Sure it's way better to have the Canadian subzero sunshine thing then the newly annoying, ice rain for breakfast-lunch-dinner-you-didn't-need-your-
ass-anyways-clean-pants-are-overrated weather we had the two days prior to that. I like rain but I'm against the hitting the ground part of falling down. That always hurts and/or ruins my clothes.

To have fun and make the day interesting I went to the movies and then the Highlander. I guess the movie, Fun With Dick and Jane was ok. I wouldn't see it again. See when I was a young one I loved George Segal and saw all his movies. I have seen the original and have fond fuzzy memories of it. I believe it was better than this one. This one is funny, but it's also kinda lame. Hollywood put a moralistic ending in there and it kinda killed the fun. I won't ruin the ending for you k?

Afterwards I went to the the Highlander where I was the source of entertainment for many. I walk in and hit this never before noticed rack of menus, knocking them to the floor. I proceed to replace them and they in turn fling themselves onto the floor. I was a sight gag for about 7 minutes. No lie. Then comes finding a seat. The table I wanted was blocked off by some rude poeple who looked at me like I was going to have to climb over them if I wanted to sit there. I didn't have the guts, writhing in shame from the sight gag - so I took a table with a stool. I'm tall. I'm fairly capable. It took 10 minutes for me to sit down because my pants kept catching the chair and moving it at angles that wouldn't work for me to be sitting AT the table. I developed some issues from 3-4pm today.

The waitress was wondering wether or not to approach me after that. My issues and I had not gone unnoticed. I'm sure she was betting I wanted a stiff drink after my fights with the menus and furniture, she was so shocked when I ordered a pepsi. I shoulda drank, but at that point I figured I would take a header off the chair and either miraculously claer the low wall and tumble into the basement or sprawl across the bar removing my teeth at least. Better safe than sorry so I had the pop and the veggie burger. Another astonished look. I'm not a vegetarian really. I'm an omnivore. If it's good and I can stand to eat it I probably will. The grilled eggplant and portobello mushroom cap 'burger' called to me. I love eggplant and mushrooms. They came out dast and HOT. I got burned throught the bun that's how hot it was. AND IT WAS GOOD. I'll have it again. Next time I'm getting wings tho. Hot waiter wasn't there but that's ok, at least he didn't have to see me having issues.

Keep blogging. Merry New Years!!!!!!
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 8:18 PM

MenTal fUrbAll