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15 December 2005

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :
It got so cold today that the whole world frosted at 4 o'clock. Seriously everything was surreally white and it was super chilly. It was dealbale as long as the wind was down, shich wasn't for long. Apparently (weather channeling) we're in for a snowy ass kicking tomorrow. And I's just decided to do groceries tomorrow. MOstly because I didn't want to do them today. I dod get that bottle of Tarantula tequila. I did drink about 12 shots of it. I killed a quarter of the bottle and one tequila rose freebie shot and decided I wasn't going to drink anymore. I don't want the spins or to be sick tonight or tomorrow.

All the kids in the house are wussies. Not one would even try a bit of the tequila, let alone do a shot. It was nice to know that I can hang with them but none of them will make the slightest effort to hang with me. I can sit and talk shit about video games with Kid M and KId N and Kid E but none of them will hang out with me and watch tv. I know Friends isn't the greatest tv show, but if you are going to laugh at it then don't act like it's the bane of your existance.

Yea I'm underwhelmed at drinking alone. I'll get over it. Hopefully tomorrow isn't too bad and I can get out and see a movie and get groceries and all. I can't honestly sit around doing nothing all day. I was out walking the malss and bussing the streets most of the day before I sat down to drink a bit and watch copious amounts of laugh tracked tv. I got my mashed potatoes and gravy and chicken wing cravings all satisfied in one sitting at The Highlander Pub. They were nice enough to give me the potatoes, even tho they are generally only substituted for fries. I was so happy. The teeny bopper waitress kept calling me dear, like I was some little girl she was baby sitting. It happens often to me because I say please and thank you alot, and because I look you especially with all the rosy ceeks and -21 (celsu=ius) winter gear on. Oh it was fun to go out.

I called my family today. Everyone is good. My mom's operation went well. My sister is still going strong and my nephew is getting himself into uncharted territorie of trouble. They're having their usual holiday season. I'm wondering if I'll be working Christmas cuz we don't know yet and I don't work til Saturday. I'm gonna check to see if I can find out online. Nope of course it doesn't f-ing work. POS!

Anyways I'm all looking forward to having another day off. It always seems to bee too long between them when you have your weekend spaced out one day atht e opposite end of the week, so that when you get two days together it's a special treat to enjoy. I think it's just me though. I'm just weird. Not just because I say so but also because I really like to have my picture taken with santa claus. I want to do it this year but if I don't do it otmorrow he'll be gone from around here so I've got some decisions to make. I really don't know how Santa views the older girls getting their pics taken, but I don't really care either.

I got my only Christmas present this year. Work gave us all coffee mugs from the mall. They have a bunch of useless coupons in them like free coffee (I don't drink it) and money off a man's haircut. I'm not a man so that so doesn't work for me. My roommate Kid E likes the free coffee thing and was tres happy to get the free coupon. He's the only one here that does drink the stuff I'm told. Anyhow I don't have anything major or fun to say just thought I'd drop by and say hey.

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