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02 December 2005

i’ll drink you slow but for a price :
Got some attitude from Carpool guy. I did him a favour of taping Survivor and Lost cuz he doesn't have cable or his dish working. SO I get this nasty email accusing me of quitting work to avoid him, cuz that's so realisitic. Aside from being massively weird and annoying he is also legally blind because he can't see me when I'm right there.

Add to that there's this chick at work. I call her princess slippers because she is SO at home at work she wears these gold beaded slippers and has a bag full of skin care products. This woman is always in the bathroom washing, or slathering something on her face. It's not like she's using proactive, she's using Alpine Secrets apricot facial scrub and moisturizers. It's not like she's applying Accutane and all the primping and posing and polishing isn't even for makeup. Seriously I'm wondering why she spends so much time on her face. She doesn't have the best skin but seriously I don't think what she is doing helps at all. Maybe I'm wrong it's just weird to see someone spend that much time on their face in the bathroom NOT putting makeup on it.

And then I got a toque today. I got it because I want to keep my damn hair outta my face (eyes, mouth, nose). I've got a giant head. I've got a lotta hair and finding a hat/toque is a chore. This one fits ok but it would never actually keep my head warm, it's far too snug. I love hoods for keeping my head warm but they do squat for keeping my hair in the off-the-face position. K guy said to me tonight, why don't you get it cut? Well I don't because guys seem to like it and because I want to get guys I keep it long. Plus I'm too cheap to pay someone to fuck up cutting my hair and have to live through anothe BAD haircut that makes me nuts. This way I can just put it in 2 or 3 ponytails (whatever it takes to stop the headache one creates) and go on my merry way. I have entirely too much hair and it growns like a weed. I could make a decent living as a hair donor, but they don't have those yet.

I'm boring because I'm tired. I need to sleep so I don't go postal on the phone at the next wondernut who keeps me on the phone nearly 2 hours doing the same thing over and over because she had some kind of brain tumor or deficit whereby she didn't remember what had just been done. Oh I snapped at her. I eventaully told her that she had to choose what she wanted to hook up because we weren't going to keep hooking and unhooking things willy nilly and trying to keep it all working when one thing didn't work no matter how many times we tried. She didn't like that, she didn't like me much but Oh WELL. Maybe she will get her problem fixed but not over the phone and NOT with me.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:42 AM

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