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20 December 2005

if it makes you happy it can't be that bad :
I went on my date today. I want to meet him originally at the James Street Feed Co and I was early. I take the bus so that tends to happen - you are either early or late. I waited for him 35 minutes and he didn't show. I did only give him 15 minutes to be late in. I was miffed so I left. When I got to the Rideau Centre I called him to leave a snarky message. I was going to thnak him for wasting my time. Of course he answered the phone, so I had to talk to him. His answer was "You sound pissed." I was like yea cuz you didn't show.

Anyways long story short I met him. He pried as hard as he could but I was enigmatic. I didn't mention my ex once but he totally shut down when I turned the tables on him and asked about his girlfriend(s). I think he's got one right now. I also think he didn't like me being taller than him, It was all fine till he wanted to leave and I stood up and he realized I have leags tht go all the way down and so I'm tall. Taller than he is. Thinks got chilly after that, but it was ok. He said he'd call. Vegas odds are high that won't happen.

I shoulda known that today would be crap. I got on the bus to return that huge red shirt I got for the Christmas party. And there. In the back seat. Is My EX. EEK.

I held it together. He didn't notice me as far as I know. He was going to work and that meant he was going to be standing right in front of me when he got off the bus. He didn't look at me at all. I can't be sure he didn't see me. I can't be sure but I suspect if he had there would have been trouble. He loves to make a scene. I know he has a girl friend because he's gained weight in the almost year since I last saw him. He was dressed in some ridiculously short pants and all the stuff I had bought him way back when. I'm glad he's eating, because left to his own devices he spends all his money on drugs and booze; at least he doesn't look like a walking cadaver anymore. I was so glad he didn't seem to notice me. I'd rather never speak to him again and I like that idea so I'm hoping I don't run into him anytime again soon and he actually notices.

Aside from that my day was tame. My foot is acting up so I'm real glad I have a doctor's appointment Friday to see my old doctor. He always said I could come back. I guess he was right because the appointment is confirmed. Anyways hopefully he can fix my foot. Maybe the thing will willingly just pop out, but it's getting more painful as time goes on. It sucks. It also sucks that everyone is so incredulous that I'm working all Holidays and not Christmas shopping. I did, however, get my Christmas wish. Carpool guy is going to sell me that twin bed he has that he says was never used and he was going to throw out.

I don't know now if I mentioned that the last time I was helping him bring stuff to town, that he had a desk and a bed he wanted me to take. I couldn't take the desk cuz it's actually a full sized drafting table and I have a wee room. But I was way interested in the bed. I'm giving him 50 bucks for it, but not until I've slept on it a couple nights. I'm so excited. The air mattress isn't the best to sleep on when you're a side sleeper. I'm getting really sore from having to stay in one position to maximise heat and comfort. This room is pretty cold and that, for whatever reason, makes the air mattress REAL cold. No matter what I cover it with.

Anyways I saw the Denis Leary Merry Fucking Christmas Special. It's crass but funny. I wanted to donate to tits for tots and I loved that the Barenaked Ladies turned up, were silly and sang along. Here's the lyrics:

Merry F@#%in' Christmas - Dennis Leary
Old Saint Nick's got Bourbon breath
It's so cold you could catch your death
A cop sold me some crystal meth
It's a merry fuckin' Christmas

Everything's so Criss-muss-ee
The streets are twinkling with frozen pee
My priest just sat on Santa's knee
It's a merry fuckin' Christmas

All the kids go to bed each night
To dream what Santa brings 'em
Unless they're Jewish or Muslim
Or some other gyp religion

Crappy toys flyin' off the shelves
Midgets dressed up to look like elves
Spread good cheer or burn in Hell
It's a merry fuckin' Christmas

Cracklin' fires to keep me warm
And my collection of Asian porn
Cradle my bells and work my horn
It's a keep-on-truckin'
Merrrry fuuuuckin' Christmaaaaaas
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 9:15 PM

MenTal fUrbAll