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13 December 2005

i fall behind the second hand unwinds :
Thanks my peeps, for the support. I didn't crash and burn in the misery tho - it may have seemed that way, but really I was better the next day. All it was was the 14 days til Xmas blahs but I'm over it now. Chatting people up, as I'm wont to do, always helps. That I managed to NOT freeze to death while sleeping last night and it was -25 out, with the windchill. The insulation/heating here sucks.

I'm living for tomorrow night because it starts my 2 day weekend. It's such a luxury to have 2 days off in a row that I'm really wondering what I'll do. In the mean time I'm going to have to budget and comparison shop - cuz before my birhtday I'm getting a bed. No ifs ands or buts.

I had a deja vu today, over the Tony Danza show. When ever I have a deja vu, I've learned, it means I'm going to make a significantly life changing decision at some point. No matter how small it is it will change everything. So now I'm a little anxious because I don't want to make the wrong one. I do, however, want to drink, eat a bit and be merry do getting paid Thursday will boost the funness of the weeks ahead a lot. In the meantime I'm hoping the Grinch goes by Y's place and cleans her out big time, bad karma for me but fair karma for her.

I'll be back later. Have a wonderful day people. Keep blogging.


I'm having delusions of home cooked meals. I want some mashed potatoes and gravy so much now I'm almost ready to make a roast. Of course I don't have one or the potatoes so I'm SOL there. Lins just gave me a rocking recipe for gravy without making a roast. WTG best friend from college!!!!!

I'll be dreaming about asparagus, roast and potatoes with gravy all night. I'm starting to wonder why I don't want to cook more, oh yea it's because I'd be eating roast 2 weeks. Hell the can of salmon I made this week is going to get me sandwiches all week. I'm not a fabulous fan of endless leftovers tho. So mainly the idea doesn't appeal.

I'm going to be so excited to be paid tomorrow I may have to stop by the Quickie and get a crispy creme donut to celebrate with. They just got them there today. Yeeha. I've got no one in my life right now so all I think about is food. Draw your own conclusions.

Keep blogging.
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