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04 December 2005

don't know exactly where i am :
So, lucky peeps, this is post 200. Monumentous? Nah but I like 200 as a number so I thought I'd share :0)

I went shopping for a chair. Dind't get one. Got some bath stuff and ANOTHER John Mayer cd. I got Travis's The Man Who too, so I'm all well rounded girl. Turns out, as I went clothes shopping today, somewhere along the last month I've dropped a clothing size. Actually I was between sizes before this so I lost like a size and a half. Oh my I feel good. I got that parmasean chicken sub for lunch, from subway. Yuck. It's frigging chicken fingers with pasta sauce, it's so not worth it. I shoulda gone for the meatball sub. I just want the cheese and the tomato sauce, I don't get to eat a lot of tomato sauce cuz them tomatos (and onions) hit me like I drank battery acid. It sucks because I love salsa and spaghetti sauce and now I just avoid them unless I feel the need to be ill.

Anyways. I'm gonna be honest I was almost a total sucker toady. I saw this flag thing in Wicks, and it's got an inspirational quote from Nelson Mandela on it. And I was THIS CLOSE to getting it to put in my room then I saw the price. 49 bucks. Err NO. I'm giving you the quote for free readers, cuz it's cool and I play that way :)

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask oursleves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?" Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our prescence automatically liberates others." - Nelson Mandela

I know 2 things. I am so gonna get the rest of the Buffy seasons this christmas - I only have me to buy for so I can plan that and make it happen. AND all I want for Christmas is a bed and a chair.

I'll roll on about the roommates now k? Since I'm the Old Kid on the BLock the rest are going to be known as Kid *. Now there is my landlord and his fiance Kid N and Kid J. They are cool and sweet and she is an amazon compared to him. One of thos odd couples but it works so what the hey. There is Kid E who seems nice but doesn't make much effort to get to know me. Then there is Kid M, who is making no bones about being a total JERK to me. He's shocking EVERYONE with it. Kid N says things like "It's so not like him." all the time and Kid J, who happens to be Kid M's sister (I didn't know BOY was she surprised), told him off after he was bitchy to me yesterday because I accidentally pressed the wrong button on the XBOX and didn't turn it off I opened the drawer instead. I appologised and all but he went totally postal and told me to NEVER touch it again. Bite me. As far as I can tell he's a spoiled brat who needs a good spanking and he LIVES to be the centre of attention and who knows WHY he has a problem with me (OR WHAT it is even) but he's making an effort to make an enemy of me.

When I get my next 2 days off together I'll make a roll call list of everyone I talk about here so anyone wondering will know who is who (sorta) and what their signifigance is. I know not many people read this really and not many take the time to say hi or blog roll me but if being ignored was all it took to get rid me of my family woulda lost my ass a LONG TIME ago. I'm resillient that way. I JUST DON"T CARE!!!!!!!

So yea I have the top 20 to get out here before I sign off, 2 weeks worth of MENTAL PLAYLISTS coming your way.

20 montreal calling - mobile
19 count on me - default
18 gravity - john mayer trio
17 if i had a boat - lyle lovett
16 heartbeat - the psychedelic furs
15 sober - tool
14 hello time bomb - matthew good band
13 rearview mirror - pearl jam
12 satisfaction - benny benassi
11 anger as beauty - hawksley workman
10 anyone can play guitar - radiohead
9 escape (the pina colada song) - rupert holmes
8 don't forget about us - mariah carey
7 i can dream - skunk anansie
6 because of you - kelly clarkson
5 crystal - new order
4 my stupid mouth - john mayer
3 bound too long - the crystal method
2 ex girlfriend - no doubt
1 smoke baby - hawksley workman

Smoke Baby
By Hawksley Workman

In your underclothes
You went out for a smoke
I call you in
Just before the storm begins
Your last breath of smoke
You let out in the room
It makes a cloud
Like the greyist
Perfect plume

Smoke baby, smoke baby
More alcohol baby
Cocaine in Montreal
And black out on a plane baby
An early flight will leave
And on it will be me, yeah
I'll be half asleep
And you'll get up at three

wholl give you time to cry
wholl give you time to find yourself

Casual as a light
Flickers before it's night
Sadness comes
And the daylight turns and runs
As the sun is setting you'll be betting
I'll be getting through
I'll find a payphone baby
Take some time to talk to you

Smoke baby, smoke baby
More alcohol baby
Cocaine in Montreal
And black out on a plane baby
An early flight will leave
And on it will be me, yeah
I'll be half asleep
And you'll get up at three

Who'll give you time to cry
Who'll give you time to find yourself
Who'll give you time to cry
Who'll give you time to find yourself

And I have never felt
Quite this close to hell
All this rock and roll baby
Only time will tell
But we're young now, having fun now
On the town now, get around now
It's fine for now
But someday we'll settle down
But not now baby

Smoke baby, smoke baby
More alcohol baby
Cocaine in Montreal
And black out on a plane baby
An early flight will leave
And on it will be me, yeah
I'll be half asleep
And you'll wake up at three

(2X) Somewhere on the outside

Get a little naughty crazy
blow smoke baby
Im your god hottie for shure not maybe
This lady wants you to take it off too
felt that way first time I saw you
Stur up trouble the kind I like
Hopein' I dont mind
Its a time when wrong is right
Break it off till your crew get lost
or else this heat might turn to frost
You know I bite and what its like when we fight
These drunk lips curse for spite
So lets do this right
make love all night
Wake up in time to catch the flight

(6x) Who'll give you time to cry
Who'll give you time to find yourself

(7x) Smoke baby, smoke baby

(4x) Smoke, smoke

Keep Blogging.
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