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From the ghost land of the easy life.

11 December 2005

and gravity lets you down :
I've never been good at enjoying being alone for very long. I miss having people I can talk to and who really listen. I met a guy like that at the Christmans party but I walked away to go play pool. I don't even know his name.

I enjoyed the party, tho I was bored for the majority of it. ALL the couples being couply and not a single soul talking to me. You could say it was the music but I was underwhelmed and it showed. The food wasn't great(like everyone said, I found out too late my top was see through and I had not one soul to talk to. True to form Carpool guy was nice enough but his g-f had to keep popping in to show off how he was hers and then she'd bring her friends to buffer, none of whome would talk to me let alone say hi when I did. It was really embarassing. I shoulda sat at the bar all night talking to the guy I met. Maybe I would have gotten his name.

So it's holiday time and as much as I'm looking forward to being alone for a bit here I'm also not looking forward to being lonely. Under the circumstances I'm going to be working the holidays anyways so I'm not worried about what I'm missing. I'm just tired of being alone. It's been me, myself and I too many times for the 'family' get togethers. I don't have a perfect family or even good friends to hang out with right now and, for wahtever reason it's making me really sad today.

So as I'm wasting away, dropping dress sizeas through (apparently) utter despair - I'm not that much appreciating it. But without further ado I'll let you get to the Mental Playlist which is much cheerier than I.

10) hung up - madonna
9) montreal calling - mobile
8) the messenger - the tea party
7) sugar, we're going down - fallout boy
6) fallen angel - traci lords
5) sway - michael bublé
4) songbird - eva cassidy
3) you're beautiful - james blunt
2) lsd - paul oakenfold
1) dreamer - amber

Amber - I'm A Dreamer Lyrics

No more I love you
No more I love you
No more I love you

I'm a...
I'm a...
I'm a...
I'm a...
I'm a...
I'm a...

Love, life, and laughter
Is all I believe
My savior is pure now
Because my lonely heart would pleed
I never learn how to hold love
And stay strong to love
Now I close my eyes now
And I'm dreamer right were I belong!
Oh, Oh, Oh

Here we lie all alone and I'm a dreaming
Your as smooth as my soul its unbelieving
Now you got me feeling
I'm a feeling
I feel your hands on my lips
Its a dream of a body
I'm a Dreamer oh oh oh!!!
I am I a dreamer
I am I a dreamer
I am I a dreamer


I am I a dreamer
I am I a dreamer
I am I a dreamer
I am I a dreamer
I am I a dreamer
I am I a dreamer
I am I a dreamer
I am I a dreamer
I am I a dreamer
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 10:59 PM

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