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05 December 2005

ain't no use in complaining :
Except it makes me feel better. I was oh so good at work. I went, I stayed, I was polite. I came home and I waited until I could get a decent connection to blog. I'm waiting to go (hopefully) LMOA hysterically to kitchen confidential with Bradley Cooper and Michael Vartan in it. Fox is airing it, if it's not on there is How I Met Your Mother.

I thought I had a head cold a week back and I don't know if it's lingering or if I'm in a new house and just breaking in a differnt set of allergies to go with it. I'm awfully tired by 8pm, which is so unlike me. I'd say it'd SAD but I don't think so it's sinus stuffiness and congestion and it's probably half weather related and half not but it will hopefully go away soon.

I find it necessary to troll memeory lane these days and see what I'm so not rmemebering anymore. I am rabidly keeping track of who links here but can't recall my own (brand new) address or phone number so I can't even order in last night. I did but I had to ask Kid M and E for the info. I love theat WTF expression people get when I have a blonde moment. Oh they're still coming and I'm refusing to call them senior momonets yet, as my own Ma isn't even a senior yet (under 65 still) and I so don't wanna go there.

I'm thinking I'm so gonna tie one on at the Christmas party. I need to have some fun and there is Carpool guy who's going, that means I have a ride there and back so I don't have to worry about the bus at all :) I'm probably gonna return the shirt I bought that is WAY too big and just go with something I already have. I'll see if someone will take a pic of me so I can post it. I'd like to say I'm NOT paranoid but the comments pretty much died completely after I posted that pic of myself. Maybe I should never have gone there. Oh well.

Gotta run off and secure the telly for the show then it's nighty night for me so I can get up and do some grocery shopping and buy more bus tickets tomorrow am before work. I'm so planned out :)

Keep blogging.

PS if you wanna make my blogroll link me I'll add you NP.
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