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25 November 2005

you'll learn to love it later :
I think I'm going to rename this place the cricket factory. I'm also now looking for a new MSN name and I'll get an email address for this place while I'm at it. I'm going to hock a bag full of cd's and dvd's and praying I don't do all this for nothing. I threatened to take my digital camera back. Now it's working, at least pretending to by letting me turn it on now, where before, not even that would happen. We'll see how it goes. I'm still freaking about losing 200 bucks of work hours by possibly taking tomorrow and Sunday off. I'll post later - just to keep myself informed since I can't remember anything anymore.


I was thinking earlier about why I don't like chocolate. Oh sacrelige I know. See I was with Y last night and she is totally grossed out that I like DARK chocolate not milk. When I was younger I hated chocolate anything. I was a Vanilla girl until I was like 12. It was then I discovered Strawberry. I converted to sometime chocoholic in my late 20's - after discovering a world of dark chocolate delights at Godiva. Before that it was pretty much the Terry's chocolate orange and the Pot Of Gold at Christmas that made my chocolate world revolve.

Nowadays there's the health kick thing and it seems every chocolateer is pandering to the health market with a dark chocolate version of their confection (except Mr Big, I haven't seen one in dark yet). I like chcolate milk and I will eat any old candy bar if I want to. Usually I hold out for the dark chocolate for any and all candies tho. Milk chocolate doesn't taste right and it gives me indigestion. Always has. Dark chocolate doesn't, unless I eat a lot. A giant Hershey bar for example, but that would make anyone sick I think.

So I'm thinking about that because it's the holidays and I was depressed a bit today because this moving thing ISN'T so much working out like I need it too. I've taken the day to hock stuff so I'm up 60 bucks. I can now afford to bribe someone to help me. I still have no names on that list. I'm back in the faith tho, I'm pretty sure this will all work out no matter how many days I miss work. After all it's only going to happen once and then I'm golden. To further calm myself I'm indulging in a Keanu Reeves - athon. I'm also gonna mess around with this page some see if I can tinker it into submission so bear with me. Unfortunately something happened to the person who was helping me revamp. Hope it's all working out ok. Now I'm left to my own devices and we're all gonna suffer under my dellusions of programming k?

I'll be back.

I'm back. Been detoured by a dog napping and a couple visits to a tittie bar to see Y's boyfriend and tell him 1st that she can tame his beast of a dog and 2nd that she can't tame his beast of a dog. My arms are killing me because I got to walk the beast of a dog, and try to keep it in the backseat while she drove. AND the PTB LOVE me and I have a way to move stuff tomorrow so now I'm packing like a mad person and I'm thinking it's be nice to have someone else do this shit. I never got a hold of carpool guy so he's gonna show up here and be pissed or maybe he'll forget me. I pray, I pray real hard. Anyways he didn't return my call so fuck him.

Yea I'm so not caring right now. I'm planning how the weekend will spin out and all that. I'm all on fire to get all this over and done with. I do what I can with what I have and pray for the best y'know. Thing is I have to let people in here Sunday to get shit outta here. And sometime I have to clean the mess I made leaving here and I'd rather get it all over with and then I'd be happier. My buddy, the Good Man1 will come by probably around noon so I have some time to get all this together and make it all work like a greasy machine. Plus I still have the chance to go with Carpool guy Sunday so I'll have it all ironed out by tomorrow night anyways. I think he'll be happy that I won't have anything to take really but am willing to help him move a bit. He needs some help with all that.

So about the dog napping - I was helping Y 'rescue' her new boyfriend's dog. Now I personally am a strict disciplinarian. I don't let my pets away with anything, but I love them so. Pets in general love me and I'm not always dying for the attention. Sometimes I don't want to pet the pet but the pet doesn't take no for an answer. Anyways. Y has a dog and she's totally this dog's bitch. That dog runs her better than anyone or anything else in her life. And the sad thing is that her dog didn't like the b-f's dog so it's back to living in the backyard in the cold and snow because no one wants to spend time with it because no one's had the patience to train it. See her b-f he is all into having a big dog to have a big dog, not cuz he wants to take care of a dog, train it or take it for walks or anything, it's an accessory. It's a crying shame but I'm not worried about the dog because Y is a dog person. She's gonna make that dog into a total dog that will also run her life, she's just going to do it by wheedling away at her b-f until he does something other than what he is doing with the dog. I expect in 6 months she'll have 2 dogs and a new man because of this.

Keep blogging. I'll be in transit so don't expect anything until Monday or maybe, Sunday night if I'm not dead.
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