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24 November 2005

somethings will never change :
Soon I'll hit post 200. Oh joy oh bliss. Just as attendance here has dropped to an all time low for the comments anyways. I know I've been away and boring, even more boring than usual. Just hoping someone missed me. *crickets*

I'm not gonna get the XM satellite radio service. But the ad where David Bowie stole Snoops' bling makes me crack a smile all the time. I graduated to cool kid this week I had my own lunch time posse. I got the benefit of 2 shortcuts to work and I got bitched out for being too quiet. Yea you heard me - too quiet. Apparently I'm not being too at homwe in the new house. I was accused of delibertely creeping around. I'm deeply suspect because I'm actually NOT disturbing people. It's a bit weird. I've never EVER had anyone object to me being quiet before. I really don't know where to gowith that, except to say today I played the radio if anyone in Big Brother was listening :)

Well things are weird. Carpool guy is moving everything Sunday. He's skipping work for it. He swears he will help me move my stuff and he'll come here get my dresser and bring it up Sunday. It's the only peice of furniture I'm taking. He swears the rest of my stuff can be moved in his car. I just hope all this shit works out cuz I don't need him to turn around at the end of the month and refuse to help at all. I'd be some pissed. I'm not joking.

It's still healing but I'm worrying still that there's something in there that didn't come out. I'm hoping I'm being paranoid and it's not true but until I go get an xray (can glass be xrayed?) I'm gonna worry I've got something unnatural in there. I'm pretty sure solid glass isn't biodegradable in any kind of way I want to know about in my foot.

I got to talk to my new crush. He makes fun of me for getting hurt all the time, which isn't true. Sure I cut my foot open and a phone fell off the wall yesterday and gouged a small 1/4 inch outta my hand. I'm not the poster girl for War Amps or Band Aids or anything. I got him back tho, I picked on his holey shoes. Yea I'm low. But why kick a girl when she's clumsy?

In other news some new guy I was talking too all of a sudden offered to buy me coffee. I think it was an overture because he started with giving me his papers to read so I wouldnt get bored. I'm feeling a little cocky since I have a lunch posse and all. I'm not gonna worry about what happens to my cool factor if my shifts get radically altered again.

I do have a pic of my room but I don't have a pic of here yet because my new camera has issues with batteries. Apparently it eats them up and spits them out in the 2.5 seconds it takes to try to get the power to come on. I'll get someone to take a pic of me and I will get pics of others. In the mean time imagine if you will whatever you want laced with the smell of a cheap plastic air mattress. My days in a nutshell. Add to that the odd feeling that I hadn't lived this life, the life I have here, in years as I got out of the car tonight at midnight (the witching hour) and you ahve a real idea of how screwed up all this has been so far.

Just so you know I counted today and since I was born 18 January 1971 I have had 36 addresses to my name. More than 1 a year. WOW. As a capricorn I balk at the idea I've given up so much stability in my life by shuttling around and around. I'm a gypsy. I'm also wondering what I'm all so not missing by living in a room instead of a place alone. Well I know I'm missing a certain ability to bring people home, but I'm all about single guys that have their own place right now and there are a few shortlisted so I'm getting them all lined up for knocking them down at the Christmas party. It's the only function we have that I know people will be at. Yea I sound slutty. It's been a while, forgive me.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:48 AM

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