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08 November 2005

sadness is all that ever happens but we have our eyes set dead on the ocean :
Big shout out to all my peeps. Thanks for the kind words Dash Bradley, anon, Kate and Raj.

Dash _ I do still have and di have a legally required person to go to hospital with me the time before this. He told me he was going to work and then called in compassionate leave and spent the day in bed whil I spent 8.5 hours in emergy where I was water, ultra sounded and full body CAT scanned before being sent home with a note (so he could get away with the leave and I woudn't get fired) and 5 days worth of oxycocet for the pain. They were fairly cetain early on it wasn't appendicitis but they had no idea what 'it' was that was causing the OMG pain, that I couldn't be relieved of becuase it had to be diagnosed first. After the blood and urine and the embarassing gown travelling the halls with an iv and eating in the caf with my bank card day, I was fine. I know they kept me to make sure I wasn't going to spike a fever (no malpractice here) and/or drop dead. Once that was pretty much eliminated I was free to go. And everyone was nice and understanding and had no problem answering my questions. It was attitude free. Unlike yesterday. I can deal with the wait and the BS but don't give me attitude and treat me badly ever. It makes me angry and I take it from no one.

Raj - Sorry to spoil your illusions of public health care here in Canada. It's usually a wait no matter where you go. It's because we have a staffing and funding crisis, or so the news says. See above, generally it's pretty good to go to emerg. I think the doctors can be relieved to see someone who isn't on drugs, bleeding and or violent. Sometimes you aren't as interesting because of it. I dislike the doc's that want to keep poking or prodding where it hurts, like it's fun. I slapped the hand of the doctor who, 14 times, poked me in the same blindingly painful spot when I had sprained my shoulder. He told me not to do that, like a spoiled kid who wanted to tell mama on me. He didn't poke me again tho. I woulda slapped him again.

Anyways I did the Dell testing today. It was mind numbingly easy. I say that because for the first 40 minutes I was there I did nothing but wait. Then I finished the 3 hour testing in less than 2 and I would have done it faster if the testing was all at your own pace but a lot of it was held up by the computer. It was the evil monotone teacher reading all the stuff you could read yourself - to you. Making you wait endlessly for the answers to choose from but rushing you for an answer (simulated pissy caller) if you actually wanted to look it up. God forbid. I have a brain like a seive, so unless I do it a lot I don't learn it. It just gets filed away and take out of RAM - so to speak. I've functioned efficiently like that all my life. (OK not so much when it happen yesterday and I cut my foot - and did I tell you I had to explain that I was not domestically abused 5 times - because I live alone and my EX is in another city? Sheesh.) Anyways they want to call me tomorrow to set up an interview. Like I have all the free time in the world to just hanf g out and wait for them and am living for them. Umm I KNOW I told them I'm employed.

I was THE ONLY girl there for the testing group. There were other women there, all in HR tho. I got a lot of looks. I got a lot of other looks when I was the first to walk out of testing. I figure I pooched the last call scenario about half way. But I so don't care. I wanted out of there. Carpool guy was late so I didn't get to go get an application for the place I wanted. I didn't call anywhere cuz I was pretty sure that would happen. While I was testing carpool guy and g-f went off apartment hunting. They said they saw 1 place and the price changed twice from what it was advertised as. Also he was shocked that they would want last month's rent up front to hold the place. DUH, have you never rented an apartment in the city? It bugs me a bit that he doesn't listen to a word I say. I know he thinks I'm 18 but c'mon - I haven't been wrong YET.

So I was thinking for my new uses of old inventions flair with Always maxi pads. I'm still using them on my foot cuz it's still bleeding here and there and it saves my socks. Thing is instead of using the whol thing I can cut it up and use the sticky side to attach it to my sock and then I won't waste so much of it, it will stay in place and my whole foot won't be surrounded by plastic. Then I was thinking that it made sense that on any kind of irritated spot you had that required a buffer but not a cover, you could do the same thing. Now I'm not saying ALways will rush out an strike up an ad campaign based on the new versatility of their product as a band aid replacement/gause dressing alternative; but I'm sharing it with y'all becaue you should know that, in a pinch, feminine protection products are useful to non-women.

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