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02 November 2005

my weakness is that I cared too much :
Bumping along here. The varying pre dawn hours are taking their toll on me. I'd rather be drinking a lot then waiting around for hours before work (cuz carpool guy starts before me) and after work (an hour in traffic on the 417 cuz carpool guy doesn't believe in listening to the traffic report); I was up at 4.30 and 13 hours later I was finally home to figure out how to spend time before I fall into a waking coma. Sheesh!

I'm getting along okey dokey at the new job. Got me an appointment to take that test for Dell. It's Tuesday, so wish me luck. Carpool guy broke down today and decided he's going to apply, even tho he's been PMSing endlessly about how Stupid I am for even applying when they prefer people who have A+, MCSE and the like. I have the experience and the balls to apply and I'm gonna run that as far as I possibly can. I may have said this all before and if I have I have now becaoem myt mother in print. She who repeats the same story endless EEEEKKK!

So if I had half a brain I'd have something interesting to say. All I really know is I wish my eyes took pictures, then I could show you the great sunset I saw tonight while stuck in traffic. I could show you what the golden undulating underbelly of the predawn looks like on the highway. Really quite entrancing. I would let you see what the silver slit velvet sky cracked with ripe orange skin is truly like. I'm gonna go and dream about that and sexy guitarists and boys with elbow tattoos because I can - right after I make my lunch for tomrrow.

Keep blogging and wish me housing.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 7:22 PM

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