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09 November 2005

my make-up may be flaking but my smile still stays on :
So for a good dose of Sexual innuendo go by Lab Boy's place. I can't leave a comment but maybe you can. It maybe a blogger thing I don't know but I'm copting and pasting everything before I publish tonight just in case.

My foot is still bleeding. The glue and tape has mostly come off so I called emerg and they said you can come if you wanna, "I can't tell you what to do." were the exact words. It's pissing rain so I paid for a cab there and back to have yet another 'nurse' put more tape and bandaids on it and tell me I could just go to Walmart and get my own bandaids. DUH, but they seem to be missing the point that the glue didn't take and the tape didn't hold and now I'm gonna have this really ugly scar about 4 inches long and 1/4 inch wide. But it's ok, cuz it's on my foot so it doesn't matter says useless - err the nurse. Apparently concern for one's own well being is not seen as the norm in the healthcare field. Or at least the employees here in hicktown just don't care. I vote for the Don't Care thing. After all they have a corner on the market here, there is no one else for almost an hour.

Had another phone interview for Dell tonight. Got a management interview the end of the month. I was told to brush up on my tech skills. Umm, like you didn't ask me any tech questions so what are you alluding too - woman from haych arrr? I don't really care to bone up because I did the math myself and it's just a bit over 13 an hour to go work for them at starting pay and doesn't start til the first of the year anyhow. So getting all in love with the idea right now is only going to lead to delusions of granduer and I need reality with me right now. Right now I need something to eat cuz I'm really hungry but I have to go to bed soon. ERG.

So I'm going to get into the car tomorrow and after work we're supposed to go look at apartments. We'll see what happens. I also have to make arrangements for next week, when we'll be on totally different shifts and have different days off I'll need somewhere to stay. Yeeha.

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