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15 November 2005

i beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden :
We have a little free time right now so I thought I'd drop you a line.  Yesterday was a bad scene.  I talked to that student loans lady and she's trying to tell me that I owe the Federal government money, yeah I do - but she's then telling me I have to pay it all right now up front.  I laughed at her.  She then told me that they will take me to court and get a permanent lien on my Social Insurance Number and take 30-40% of my paycheques til it's paid off or 15 years and either way I have to go to court and pay for having it removed.  So she told me I'd have to pay for court twice, because all the court fees the collections agancey incurrs getting the lien will be added to my bill.  Yeeha.
Add to that getting up early to be here with Carpool guy and his g-f, I was so unimpressed by the time I got to work.  Double bad vibe points go to carpool guy and his g-f.  Her for making a big thing out of putting on makeup in the car on the way in because she didn't 'want to look like she didn't care' (jab) and she ended up looking like an  ugly halloween troll or one of those evil biting dolls from Barbarella (jab back).  Him for having agiant spaz while taking me to the place I'm staying this week.  He didn't/wouldn't take the exit I told him too.  Argued endlessly that he knew better and I had us lost and he was gonna stop the car, throw me out and he ws gonna go back to work to hell with me.  STRESS.
I threw the map at him called him an ungrateful p-r-i-c-k and proceeded to get us to the place.  He, of course, got lost getting back.  It's so not my fault that he doesn't know Ottawa after living here for years, can't read a map, and is worse than that girl that always falls down running away from a serial killer, when it comes to freaking out about nothing.  Oh yea I wished he was never born yesterday.  Geez Louise.
So now I'm all rested up, but the weather is bad.  I'm not able to read blogs here at work and I have no idea what's been going on with anyone.  I'll try to catch up Friday night/Saturday.  In between more moving madness and trips to the pawn shop for money that is :)  If the weather doesn't cause me to slip and fall and break something I'll be happy.  They're calling for freezing rain tonight and I only have my sneakers to get me from the bus stop to the apartment.
Now it's your turn, drop me a line and keep blogging.

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