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From the ghost land of the easy life.

21 November 2005

i am cheap and see through :
I've been thinking lately about how unfun moving is.  I'm so sad to be going to just a room but on the otherhand I can't shake a stick at the ammenities and the price and everyone seems nice.  I actually got to sleep in a bit today so I sorta feel refreshed.  I'm maybe even feel ing a bit cheeky.  I got myself a coke Zero today.  It's ok but nothing like they make it sound.
I'm doing ok but I've hit the first snag on the road to the new room.  I got an air mattress, great idea right?  Except I'm allergic tocertain kinds of plastics and guess what.  It's THAT kind of plastic.  AND it smells awful.  So awful I have to keep my window open because I'm afraid I'm gonna die of the fumes.  There should be a warning label on these things, seriously.  Because this one's not great I'm hesitatnt to get a more expensive one that may cause the same problems.  Or not.  Not all air mattress are made tha same.  Plaus the one I do have loses air overnight, I'm giving it the benefit of stretching right now so if it doesn the same thing overnight I'm definitely taking it back and complaining.  Well taking it back anyways.
I'm not doing much exciting right now.  Living for my weekend and the 2 solid days off that come with that.  Lots to do and give away.  Hopefully Carpool guy will be a mensch and come pick me up Wednesday night so I don't have to take the train home Thursday morning.  If he won't I'm a gonna be broke, broke, broke for a while.  Of course there's a host of hockables sudeenly up for grabs that I can get rid of now and will for the money :)
I just want to say that the reall peeve of my days is people and guys specifically, that think telling me how to live my life is a good idea.  I know I have almost 2 university degrees, a college diploma and brains for miles.  I do not feel like I am wasting my time doing what I am doing.  No I'm not a teacher and No I'm not working in 'my field'.  I don't own any land ok - so I'll work in anyone's field.  Nuff said.
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