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29 November 2005

hey you :
I’m miffed.
I got online today. Finally since the whole shebang’s being weird and stuff. It’s wireless, there’s a router and the roommates are saying it’s the ISP.

I spent the day getting knocked around. I stayed up too late, got up too early and nothing went off without a hitch. I did manage to be a super packer, loader, unloader, unpacker and arranger. My new room is almost heaven – it just needs some furniture and we’re all aces.

I’m not that mad the super at my old apartment accused me of dumping a truckload of disgusting furniture in the garbage room and told me that they building has cameras and they can PROVE it was me. I told him to go watch the tape because I AIN’T on it and it AIN’T my furniture. I was split second away from busting out in tourrettes on his ass. How dare he. I looked him square in the eye and said my couch was orange not ugly like that one, and my stuff is in one of 4 places I’ll give you the numbers you can call them. I must have said it’s not my stuff 20,000 times and he SO did NOT understand it. He was convinced it was mine. Then the 'little birdie' (she wishes the old meddling battle axe may be better words) showed up and told me it was my stuff - as she had doubtless informed the super. Then she changed her tune to “I thought it was yours cuz you’re the only one moving out.” Well apparently NOT. Needless to say they were sore that they hadn’t foiled the conspiracy of ugly furniture. TOO DAMN BAD.

What really bugs me is that I’ve been de-blog rolled. I have a lot of names on my blog roll. I do actually visit the sites and read them at least every other day - when I can. I don’t always comment and such. This last month has been murder for reading and writing and commenting has been almost forgotten about. I do try. I have been keeping up. But some people have de-listed me like I died. First of all I can’t quite get the magic of getting everyone I link to, to link to me. There are a fair number who do and I’m so happy to know them and be blogroll pals. There are quite a few who haven’t returned the favour and I don’t know if it’s a rebuff, if I don’t meet standards but I’m being watched and then maybe added or if it’s just a clique thing and I don’t belong. I'm not really a cool kid. I obsess about having friends.

And I still can’t figure out how to fix my site. I’m feeling a bit unloved in blogland.

This is not to dis RaJ. You have done an amazing job of dropping by and leaving comments even when I fail to reply or comment on your site. You’re on the list. Earl* and I are doing the 12 steps of karma together, I need to keep the luck train running.

I will unpack my digital camera soon and I will post more picks and stuff. I may even have some real thoughts to throw on or maybe some poetry and I know there was no mental play list but there will be a top 20 this Sunday to make up for it.

Keep Blogging.
My Name Is Earl – Jason Lee – Carson Daly teaches him about karma TOO Funny.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:08 PM

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