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03 November 2005

gimme, gimme, gimme :
A break. I can't believe no one's complaining about Madonna's new song. Ok yea I need something to write about. I need a break from Hung Up. It's everywhere and Abba did it first. Not only that, woman put some clothes on. As part of the record buying public I don't need to see your butt cheeks hanging out all over while you try to be 70's and 80's hip in one outfit. Notice how she doesn't leave any prints on the mirror she's dancing with, or breath marks. Can't be trying that hard if you can't leave a mark is all I have to say.

I'm flustered. I'm not officially out of bankrtuptcy and ALREADY I'm getting calls from collection agencies. Piss me off. I'm being bad, as a deadbeat bankruptee I'm also bouncing my rent cheque this month. I know they'll let me pay half now and half later anyways but I didn't plan it this way. Pray I don't wake up dead tomorrow cuz carpool guy just loses it on the highway. Shit always happens in threes, so you don't forget the sting I guess.

I still don't have anywhere to live and only 27 days to find a place. Carpool guy's g-f got hired at work today. She's doing customer service and therefore will be paid less. He ripped her head off because she wouldn't even try the tech test. I said "Great you got a job." I didn't think she could do it. I don't know her that well tho so I'm going on looks alone - I know bad me. Carpool guy is a necessary evil like almost everything in my life these days. I can't ditch him til mid month when I have enough money to pay to live in the city. I can sleep on a few air mattresses until then but I'm paranoid about leaving my stuff here alone. Not that I think it'll miss me or anything, but it's more like I'll miss it when people steal it from me. It's gotta be a pack rat thing. And I'd miss my blog and all my readers :)

I've gotta go get ready for another early day. This one's starting at 4:30 am and will go on until close to 9 pm as possible. Long days. Short nights and not much fun for me :( Haven't killed anyone yet or even had the urge to pitch a fit, so I know I like what I'm doing so far.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 7:53 PM

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