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11 November 2005

but you loved you the most :
I saw a great place today. The lvinig room is too small and it's too expensive but it's right across the street from the job and you can't beat that with a stick. I'm not sure how I'd managge paying 675 a month (all inclusive) and then phone and cable/internet. I probably won't get it because of the credit check and the bankruptcy but it has this amazing walk in closet. I could live there, in the closet, and other people could rent the rest of the place. I'm going to take my chances and apply, because I need to try more to get this all sorted out instead of flipping out and then never getting a place without a melt down ensuing. Yea because I can avoid like that, and it never ends well.

The foot is struggling with the reality that even new skin will come off because it sweats too much with the sock and the shoe and the padding to save my sock the ooze. No infection so far but I really wish I had a go to nutball who'd just sew it shut for me. I can't do it myself. Maybe if I was left handed, but even then nah. All the band aids and such came off with my sock yesterday. It was wild and not the ugliest thing I've seen but I wasn't impressed that it wasn't even a day after being blown off again that the whole thing came off.

I got stay next week so I may not be here, I may have Lins guest post and or post my stuff if I can't get the email thing to work or maybe I'll voice post. Like anyone wants to listen to me???

Keep blogging.
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