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05 November 2005

but I prefer it all to be out in the open :
I pitched a bit of a fit on the way home today. I don't know why people on the weekend have serious brain damage and decide to call in for tech support. Could you please go to rehab and then call? I'm not saint enough to be able to listen to you scream angrily in my ear like I'm a moron when you arent' a) listening to what I say to do or b) doing what I say. I am not the moron here. I can follow directions and I don't need to be told 5-10 times how and what to look for and do. It's nice you love me and are happy when we're done but now I'eaf and wishing I had a transporter so I could pop by and throttle you. Yea you, you know who you are. Beligerent jerk.

Anyways I was over at my fave horoscope site www.freewillastrology.com when I can across this. It's maybe not what you belive but it's cool and it's good spirited and we all need some of this mojo, reword it to suit yourselves. Wish I'd wrote it and so I share it with you go there, read it!!!!!

Well week after next carpool guy and I have totally different schedules, which means if I keep mine I spend a week in Ottawa living on someone's floor. Or I beg to have my schedule changed to his OR I try to trade with somone and definitely end up the loser of the deal. I'm feeling quite blessed to have a 2pm shift. I'm liking the idea of sleeping in just a little bit anyhow. I'm totally maxing out on the fact thaat I have nowhere to live and less and less time to make that happen and so much non help getting it done. I wish I was cloned and could send clone to work while I went off and finagled a great place with (possibly) cool roommates. To dream, perchance to live that dream.

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