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30 November 2005

ain't nobody does it better :
Well maybe somebody. I don't know them. Another 3 hours tinkering with my blog template and nothing I want it to do works. Right now I want to bludgeon myself. I don't do failure well. Oh, I know what people say but I'm not listening cuz it's what I'm pissed at today. I'm also pissed at the guy from work who was supposed to call so I could show him where the Christams party is going to be, didn't call. I didn't wait either but I gave it a good 3 hours before I went out and said to hell with you.

I did get it looking cuter to me tho and I hope RaJ and anyone else, doesn't have any seizures looking at the new title.

My room looks nicer today. A little more organising going on and some quality time sitting on the airbed. I went to Leons and looked at furniture. I can get a Klik Klak for 419 and tax or a double bed for 479 plus tax. Neither of which they will deliver without a 50 dollar fee. They suck. Seriously I'm right across the street and you wanna charge me 50 bucks and I have to wait all day for you to come over with the bed? UMM NO.

I did manage to find some crickets.

I do have a nasty looking picture of me. I think it's nasty because, like most girls I don't like my own photos. I did take it myself and I did manage to not look worse than I feel so it's not that bad I guess. Wanna see it? Of Course you do. I know it's just me saying so but I am very pushy and determined and it's not a bad thing. Now there's a face to go with all the information.

I'm incredibly boring right now. My 50 bruises and the idea that I'll have to go to the doctor and have my foot checked for glass are bumming me and I'm just tired. It's been a long week of moving. A really long week. I could sleep for days if everyone here would just be quiet that is. Ah learning to live with others will do me good.

Keep blogging.

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