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01 October 2005

you're looking back now and it seems like a mistake :
Someone please tell my why Mercury Rising is on the History Channel???? What about that movie is historic? I don't like it, not even the lure of Bruce could get me to watch it more than once and I'm so not thinking it's beacuse of the over ripe bad guy Alec Baldwin played. Eww. At least the Last Boyscout is funny bad, this just isn't. And when did it become such a good thing to show these not so fab movies ALL THE TIME? Mecury Rising was on like every channel this week I swear and I wasn't even here to watch so it's shocking that I know this.

I got to see Surface. The alien/lizard/fish is way cute and I'm thinking we may be too ET cute here for real scare factor, even if it starts eating the people that feed it. I'm watching Aidan leave Carrie after she confesses to cheating. I feel bad for her, but she was the dumbass in the first place. Cheaters never get the well written guys. Also, what is so great about that lurid J-Lo movie The Cell? It's on Showcase like once a month at least and it's not worth watching that much. Someone over there in programming is either very twisted, loves J-Lo too much or both.

I just packed up about a kindergartener's weight worth of clothes that I'm trying to pawn off on the nearest friend in need. I wish I had someone here doing the same but I know if I get anything back it won't be half as much as I give which is fine but just once in a while I wish karma would do that ten fold thing on the plus side. I know it doesn't work if you're counting, and I'm not counting or trying, I'm just wondering how much good has to go out before some real good comes back? Anyone run the numbers on that yet?

I'm not sure I'm in love with the blue letters here. I have to think about that, it's a quirk of mine really. Deep seated indecisiveness. Never go movie renting or music shopping with me if you expect to do it fast ok?

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