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22 October 2005

your shinin' autumn ocean crashin' :
So here is the new person hanging out at my place. I couldn't decide which one Iliked better so I decided I didn't need to choose I'd put both up. the black and white is from when I first knew him. The dog adds that romantic caring aspect to the picture. Probably from a teen magazine you say. I agree. The other is more recent so you probably can recognise him. It's Dr McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy - Patrick Dempsey. Wentworth really did have to get back to Prison Break and all, besides I took the time to find the pics of someone sitting on anything so I reward you with my efforts.

I did find one with him and Katherine Heigl on a couch, but she looked deformed and it was unflattering. If I'm going to have guests I want them to be seen in the best possible light. Of course if you want to send in pics of yourself sitting, not on the 'throne' ok? - go for it. You too can be a celebrity here at the ole Furball. I have a few more cuties on the roster to come by and spend time but I can always put them off if something choice comes along :)

As most of you know I tend to reply to my comments here in the blog. I don't like getting the emails letting me know what I wrote I the comments. I'm pretty sure I know that already :) To be cool I did reply to the last 2 posts. Anyone commenting on my other posts - sorry.

Opaco what I meant for indenting is that Smile has these spaces, now to seperate the parts. Previous to that I was trying to denote the seperate parts with a 5 space indentation of the lines of the next section. So the first lines would be left aligned, then the next set of lines 5 space in, then the next left aligned, then the next 5 spaces in and so on - but I couldn't get it to work.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 3:57 PM

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