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27 October 2005

you cannot quit me so quickly there's no hope in you for me no corner you could squeeze me :
I was at Wil Wheaton's (in exile) blog a couple of days ago and I followed a link from it to an exerpt of an interview Kurt Vonnegut gave about writing. It was slightly disheartening as he was talking about how writing is becoming obsolete since other forms of expression are replacing it. I think that's true in many ways. I also am sad that it is true. AND just now my VERY expensive education came calling to make me wonder if blogging wasn't just an elitist pursuit. Since only the educated and able to afford access can participate. Yea so now my head hurts and I can't remember which way tomorrow is. Big thoughts shouldn't happen on a work day or during NON work hours - I'd like to flesh out the idea further but my brains' trying to catch a ride outta here.

To appease my brain, I'll let it think about Cutie (said in a nice predatory Spike fashion). He of the ice blues and Scott Speedman-esqueness has earned a capitalized moniker. He maybe a passing fancy but today was too much. First he couldn't sit by me because I was trying to save the seat for my gal pal. Then later on he's trying to get help and he put on quite a show getting attention. I was trying to get him help too, but he was so adorable (think fluffy puppies cute) waving his arms and smiling and all - I couldn't stop laughing. Yea I've got a hopeless case of man adoration. I'm keeping it to myself and all hands off - I don't wanna get sued for sexual harassment - we had a class and all.

I didn't get my new schedule and NO ONE is helping me figure out this new time system that keeps telling me my schedule has changed but nothing is different as far as I can see. I really wish I had help that was, I dunno - HELPFUL springs to mind. I asked a floor monitor today for a bit of help and all I got was a line by line looped exlaination of what I already knew. Either I'm A LOT hotter than I think I am or I am WAY MORE terrifying than I know I am. Either way, any guy I ask a question of looks at me like I've somehow shocked or threatened him. I'm getting the feeling they don't want to talk to me, which is probably sheer paranoia - but when they start repeating themselves hopelessly as if their record is stuck in a groove, I start to wonder WTF? I may need to be extremely made over or possibly exorcised. There are people out there that would argue for either one.

I do have to go get ready to hit the hay and all the fun starts again at 5 AM tomorrow. I'm really in love with my 3 day weekend, now if they'd just let me know how long and hard I'll have to work til my next weekend I'd be happy. Well I'm always happy really, but I'd be happier to get the Dell testing out of the way and on the calendar.

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