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12 October 2005

whenever she's feeling insecure :
I'm back. You left comments!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!

It's been interesting to be me. I've got a job that sounds divine, it's a beautiful on paper job that I know in practice will get old quick. But I'm good at it and I quit the other job I had. I was worried about doing that too and nobody cared. The guy who walked me out of the building wasn't even going to take my badge or headset. It was surreal. I was feeling guilty up til then. Then I realized how much no one there cares.

The new place seems to have promise. There are non phone positions to aspire too. There are benefits to earn and, of course, benefits to be entitled to. I've been sleeping better since I quit (yesterday after only 2 hours sleep the previous night and a full day training and commuting) and telling Y I was sorry but I'm moving to Ottawa and she'll have to find another roomie. She was anticipating that, she'd already lined up another person. Good on her.

Mostly I worry I'll find a reason to hate this job. I worry I'll not have anywhere to live in 6 weeks and that, despite people being nice and saying they'll help - they won't be reliable. I get like that. I'm starting to think I may need to get some time up in Ottawa to go around places and see what can be had and all. Premature and all I know but it's got to be done sometime. I should wait til I have an idea what my pays will be like and my schedule and all that, but I have to say the feeling I've got it made - is making me want to dive in and ask questions later.

I'm tired and getting up at 5am means 9pm bedtimes. I still have to go get a police check and fun stuff like that. I need to make plans and clear out the stuff I know I so don't need to move back there with me. I didn't use it before I moved from there and I don't need it to move back there. There's a lot I don't need but I can't say I won't miss it. I am a pack rat.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 7:41 PM

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