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From the ghost land of the easy life.

15 October 2005

watching the fading watch everything go by :
Things I noticed on the long drive to work every day (in no particular order):

* Car pool guy is annoying as hell, needs serious medication for depression, has a total soapbox preacher mentality and doesn't shut up all day long

* I'm sad that there's a chance I'll be going to work and the sun won't rise during the trip because winter is coming

* Watching the tail lights weaving and merging on the highway in the rain, made me think of beautiful bright tipped fish, seamless computer routines running and interchanging things fluidly and the harsh fact of human error, and The Matrix

* Listening to Beautiful Midnight on the highway in the rain, made me wonder if it was written on the road

* I wonder why tech guys still think that greasy unwashed hair and nails chewed to thier elbows is attractive

* I wonder if it's wrong to be unconcerned my house looks like a tornnado hit it

* I wonder if it's wrong to wish I, the person I'm known as, could just disappear off the face of the earth and I, the person I become, could live a nice life without any of the stuff that came before the disappearance

* I think that given the right shift constantly I could get to like being a morning person, which makes this night owl sad

* I signed up for this other blog thing that may become the all picture all poetry site, since it seems hard to change the template and such I can't see it being the primary place I keep my blog - eventually I'll get my own domain and then we'll have fun :)

* Is it wrong that I spent the after noon watching Kill Bill 1 & 2 instead of cleaning

* Is it right that I have to pay $35.00 for a frigging CPIC for work and it's gonna take them 5 days to do it, which means I can't get it til Friday night after work and I need it by that day?

* Does it make me a bad person that I'm not even bothering tot return my EX's emails wherein he harrangs me for the money I don't even owe him?

* Will you think nice thoughts about me winning the lottery tonight, please. If you do I may be able to come by and thank you in person :)

Keep blogging :)
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