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14 October 2005

transfixed by the inner sound of your promise to be found :
I'd love to be eloquent. I'd love to be all rhapsodical about the thoughts (and there are some rather great ones in there) going through my head. I don't have the ability right now, to reign in my thoughts and make it all coherent.

So to sum up.

There was/is this guy in my class. He has ice blue eyes. He looks a lot like Scott Speedman. He is a contradiction. Looks like a tough, talks like - like a girl. It's weird. He wasn't there today and I don't know if that's because he hates the job or something else. Yea he's my obsession. I can barely stop staring. It's the resemblance thing I'm sure. I'll get over it before any law enforcement gets involved :)

It's killer, my new job. Out of 23 in the class there are only 3 girls and that's toatlly representataive of the woman to man ratio there. I already have some eye candy. I'm not thinking I'll run out soon. Too bad I gave up office dating on account of the EX. I am, however, already plotting ways to move up the corporate ladder. I have ambitions. I find he city does that to me. I start dreaming in letterhead, pinstripes and business cards. I'm odd, but you knew that.

RaJ has a new site thingy. I like to look at it in the Head theme. I will be working on this place soon. I'm thinking how to make things work for me how I want it and all that. It's a giant jumble and I don't have the time/energy to do it now. Must find someplace to live and someone I can stand to live with when/if I need to. It will be such an interesting time ahead, Hopefully I get a schedule that coincides with my carpool or things will get really hairy. Ooh aah.

Keep blogging.

messed with this a bit so it wasn't so glaringly ugly in IE. I don't use Internet Explorer. I think it's a POS, but I have no choice at work so to see my site how I can stand to I needed to tweak. It's now outta proportion in Firefox but lines up in IE instead of being all over the place. I'll probably mess around more. Not sure how to make the side bar scrollies look right without further messing with the Firefox layout, and I like the way it looks in Firefox - so convert you hold outs!! CONVERT!!!! OR Bear with me :)
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 7:40 PM

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