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25 October 2005

tell me we both matter don't we :
I am officially an employee. I passed everything and am phone worthy. I did my role play in about 5 minutes and only forgot one thing. I'm glad, cuz I worried over it all day. I am so like that. I'm just settling in to watch Mark Harmon on NCIS bfore rolling off into sleepy land. My mind is already preparing me for the grueling tasks of carpooling with the stank carpool guy and getting up an hour earlier so he can be there on time. See he pissed off someone and got one of the earliest shifts we qualify for. He's been making enemies and telling me endlessly how unpleasant I am. Well people aren't unhappy to see me coming is all I have to say.

I'm actually quite tired. It's the endless rainy weather and my continually cycling allergies. It's enough to make me happy I have a three day weekend coming up. I'm not so happy at the prospect of having to pay high rent to live alone. I'm really, honestly, going to get on making plans to live at the YMCA - I'm starting to fear it's all I'll be able to ever afford. I have a lot of money fears. I think it's becoming my number one phobia, if it exists. If not invent it. Brokaphobia - the fear of living hand to mouth forever.

The jackpot for the lotto is 40 million and I don't have a ticket. I got one for the 30 and 35 million jackpots, I guess I'll have to put in tomorrow and try to get one. Shouldn't be hard to do. Wish me mega bucks :)

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