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04 October 2005

now the race is on and here comes pride in the backstreatch :
Err so last night I applied for a job in Ottawa. This morning started with my phone interview. Thursday I have a job interview I may not even be able to get to for the job and if I get it I start on Tuesday. I have no where to stay and very little money and I still have a lease here. I'm so sucking right now. I'm also so excited and I'm wanting to go there and rock the interview and get the job so I'm out of nowheresville and back in the city. I should never have left. I should never have done many things. One thing I need to do is either get a ride or determine how to get there with as little cash flow as possible. To do this I'm gonna need to be going to the cash store to get a payday loan if I can't find anyone to help me out and be a friend for the price of gas. It ain't a cheap proposition.

I know I'm insane. I know it. I know I'm going to kill myself trying to do something that may not work out and then be short in the end. I can 'if only forever but the thing is if only there was a place here that would hire me and then I'd be not looking to get away. I'm really just wanting to get nack to the city, where everything seems better and well, it is more expensive but I will so have more to do and see and all that. I'm looking forward to it really, so I hope it all works out. I need it to work out on the plus side again!!! I also just found out that my EX has his girlfriend living with him. I'm so not surprised because he's always been a lousy liar.

ANYways keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll do the same for you ok?

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