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From the ghost land of the easy life.

17 October 2005

i was a train wreck waiting to happen on the way to nowhere :

Turns out Lyvvie and myself both crushed on Robbie Benson. As it happens I believe I saw Chris Makepeace first but Robbie was everywhere back then so it was hard to miss him. I've always had a weakness for dark hair and light eyes. Looking back I so see where I got it from.

Right now I'm toying with the idea of possibly working for Dell. They want to interview me for a tech support job. I could be getting as much as 15 dollars an hour, if the rumours are true. I'm extrapolating from the sheer fact that they called and therefore must WANT me. I'm not so much caring what my current employer would think. Hell 2 people quit training today to take other jobs. Oh the woes of a careerless life.

Back to the trip down memeory lane. I have 2 pics of Robbie Benson. This one is him smiling. He had a great smile and a wonderful laugh. Also Robbie was a singer and played guitar. I first saw him in Die Laughing and then came Ice Castles. I know the latter was the earlier film but I grew up just south of Churchill, Manitoba so it was all new by the time I got to hear of it or see it. I used to have a collection of teen magazines, my sister and I shared them. I got the pics I wanted and she got the ones she wanted - we didn't like the same guys.

As far as I know Robbie is still working as a writer/ director/ singer/ actor. Robbie didn't start my full on love of music men. It helped that he had the music thing going for him. Oh I know I'm so cliché :) However, I was converted to full on groupie status - or as close as a small town Canada girl who NEVER got to see a show EVER could be - by this man: Simon Le Bon. The accent, the swagger, the leather clothes and jumping around.

The fact the John Taylor always looked like/reminded me of my girl friend B, who even streaked her hair in an effort to look more like him. It was weird. I still swear that back then had both of them been together in the same room I wouldn't have known which was which, at first - if at all. I was the ONLY Duranie in town. My mother called the songs chinese music and my father thought I was nuts. I wished I knew what the hell the thing on the necklace Simon was wearing (not here) in the videos was, and if I would ever get to see a live concert. Now I wonder if I'll get to see Duran Duran live. Maybe it will happen. They did get back together after all :)

Thanks everyone for the comments, glad you like the blog. Lyvvie you're welcome anytime, treats or no - there's a convenience store just down the street so there's no worries :) Lab bOy congrats on the marathon, man :) I'm all cheese tonight. Tomorrow, maybe more me from memory lane. Maybe something truly amazing. I like to keep ya guessing.

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