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26 October 2005

gonna make it allright but not right now :
Thanks to Waiter for posting this on his blog - way too funny. Go there and enjoy all the overwrought broken handedness.

Made it through another day. Had my interview with Dell. They want to see me. Of course they do - says my ego. Mostly I think it was probably a little insane to take the interview sitting in the front lobby of my current job. But hey, I am shameless and for 4-6 bucks more an hour I'll do what it takes to get into Dell. So waht if I had no idea how to get to the boot screen for XP (it's F8 says the interview guy) because I'm ancient and haven't upgraded and in my tech jobs so far have never needed to or been allowed to boot anyone from the boot menu (I truly believe in the bootdisk anyways - if you've ever had a dell you'll know the truth of this).

I got the second interview, now to make arrangements to get ther without taking a sick day (unpaid) or having to stay in Ottawa, take the bus and/or cab and generally having a nervous breakdown over mass transit (because I so do that - until I know where I AM going). It sounds like a great job. And I was weven remembering why I like tech support today, once I hit my stride like at 2pm or so - that's only like an hour and 15 minutes til go home time :) Ice blue eye guy sat right next to me and I was so smooth, I bet he has no idea I think he's hot. I couldn't have been more disinterested today, stress will do that to you.

Anyways I'm thinking things will be better when I get the flow of it again. I just realized today that I haven't been doing phone tech for as long as I was doing it for to begin with. Wow. Hard to believe that my life is flying by in shifty little job change increments. Don't even get me started on how many careers I've had or just how much I don't want call centres to be the best of the careers I ever have. Ooh I don't like this whole new world of NO job security thing.

Anyways we all need a laugh so go here (thanks Lins!!!!!!) and Keep Blogging.
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