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31 October 2005

enchanted...you thought you saw something in my eyes :
Been practicing wearing my contact lenses. Todays pratice was wearing them all day while helping Y move all the furniture in her house and flip her mattress so that it's getting evenly used. She's a smoker so the place is full of cigarrette dust, dust dust and dog and cat dust. I'm like trying to make my eyes get used to wearing the lenses under all conditions. I figure if I can get used to it I can then start buying them instead of glasses. People are telling me to get laser eye surgery but it makes me squirm with fear and pain at the thought of having that done to my eyes and I have astigmatisms too so I've heard that doesn't help them.

If I'm going to laser anything I think it's be laser hair removal. I'm not lazy but I'd love to never have another shaving nick. I'm also considering getting the sun tattoo on my chest removed. It's dark and I'm fair so it shows through any light coloured top I wear and it's also high up on my chest, so as not to be affected by gravity. Therefore it can be seen whenever I wear anything even remotely like a slight v neck and it's just bugging me now. It's not that I regret it, it's just ruining my fashionability. I've gotten vain about my cleavage, which we don't even see before the tat. Anyways we'll see. I'd still have 4 others and I'm going to get more because I can.

So I'm off to bathe, pack up and sleep. Happy blog reading. Keep blogging.
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