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20 October 2005

dust from a distant sun will shower over everyone :
I added that guest map thing down there at the bottom of the right hand side under everything else. Do be a pal and let me know where you're from ok? I've got an idea about a possible new pic for the header. I think I oughta give Wentworth a break, since he's been here he hasn't been on tv. I do miss Prison Break. Damn Monday night football.

OOH good news, apparently Prison Break will be on Monday. All New!!!!!!!

Tomorrow, at the new job we're having pot luck. My brilliant idea to add to the plethora of pop, chips, pita and dips is - macaroni and cheese. Yea. I said Macaroni and cheese, complete with the crunchy topping and serving tray. I'm hoping no one will boo me. I had nothing else to come up with from my grocers' freezer section.

So today I was thrilled and chilled by encounters with the common law wife of carpool guy. He's been telling me lately how useless, stupid and bad in bed his girlfriend is and today while we're filling out the benfits information, low and behold g-f becomes common law wife. To say she was unfriendly when we met for the first time today, in the car; because she had to go somewhere else during the day and needed the car- is an understatement. Under the I'm so not impressed section, which is rapidly filling in her file - she has a thing for Prince, so I got to here Pussy Patrol and others on the drive in. Yea so, I'm not THAT big a fan of Prince. And she put on a big display of hugging, kissing and fondling carpool guy too. It got to the point where I was wondering if there was going to be full on car sex or maybe just something else that qualifies as REALLY disgusting - she was SOOO trying to make it clear he's her man.

Well she can have him. Aside from his endless pontificating and the fact he looks like my grandpa (well somebody's grandpa) I have NO INTEREST in carpool guy. My only real interest in carpool guy is that he maintains an ability to drive from point a to point b without killing us (sorry everyone else).

In the mean time, the guy with ice blue eyes is a vegetarian. I wonder why he's so proud of that then goes out and smokes cigarettes? He and the other vegetarian in class were all on about how it's so much healthier and better for you. I mean if you're that much of a health nut shouldn't the cigarette thing be an obvious habit to NOT have? Since that announcement people have been worried of what to bring to the potluck, not wanting to aliennate anyone. Then we get the Ramadan announcement - which was "...some people are celebrating Ramadan with fasting so don't force eating during the potluck, on them." I swear I won't go vigilante and force feed anyone anything :)

I went for mac and cheese because it's easy, people can have it cold or warm it up, it will travel just fine and it's not Kraft Dinner (kd). Besides the list of things people are bringing reads like a frat party line up. Pita, nachos, salsa, hummus, tabouleh, pop, chips, donuts. See mac and cheese fits right in.

There is a starer in this class. A fairly decent seeming chap who does make the effort to come by and try to impress me with his geekdom here and there. He's so odd but he's so cute too. Not a total keener but not a total freak either. There are plenty of those in the class so it's not like I'm unable to pick out the funs from the duds :) I've got to go to bed, I've been so lax at getting there lately it's not funny. I'm not laughing anyways but some people probably are laughing at me. On a total tangent I'm sad the Tea Party broke up, I'd have like to see them play again. I'm also wondering what bright bulb decided it was a good ides to do a benefits presentation and to list Short Term Disability under the YOU DON"T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT section as STD????

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 7:47 PM

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