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From the ghost land of the easy life.

30 October 2005

come, come, come into my world :
This is so Sunday fell off the planet day. What does a girl like me do when she disappears out of space and time? Well last night I started by going through all my wedding pictures and throwing most of them into the BURN IT box. Since it's Halloween there's a bunch of lame, over editied horror movies on. Last night Halloween Ressurection sent me to bed. I DID FORGET about the fall back thing. Had to do that this morning tho. It's weird gaining an hour. However I'm always better on standard time. I was born in it and I think my body remembers this.

Todays horror movies include the third airing of The Witches of Eastwick (in 12 hours on the same channel), Grease, Saturday Night Fever, The Crocodile Hunter and Casper. I'm avoiding doing things because I just want to relax. I need to laundry and just wish I had a maid or a boyfriend who really wanted to impress me and knew how to do laundry. Alas I am alone watching movies that I plan to give away or sell in the near future. I'm sure that my next living space will be far less luxurious than this current box; and, also, that I will be forced to share space with others which will limit my nesting and homemaking urges and necessitate my keeping the least amount of things with me. I used to be able to move my life in a compact car so I'm trying to get back to that level of simplicity, which is really called for currently; but annoyingly hard to do for pack rat moi.

I'm not sweating the move right now. I still have a month, even though time is flying by so fast I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't be more concerned with the total lack of hours in my day spent doing anything that's not work related. Today is not a worry day however. I'll contemplate that on the 3 hours I spend commuting from work Tuesday, after working 8.5 hours.

Yesterday I was having one of those weird days when I couldn't read for some reason. I'm near sighted, but every now and then my sinus allergies make reading anything impossible. I can't focus on words without squinting, with or without medication. I just packed in any and all ambitions for my blog and prayed today would be different. So far so good. I the hours leading up until now searching other people's blogrolls and link, for blogs I liked the design/layout/colour schemes of. It's because I signed up to have Maddie redo my blog. Gotta give her something more to go on then what's here.

What I noticed is there are a lot of blogs out there linking to other blogs I read and that have blog rolled me but I have yet to see these people comment here. Now my weekly sat update tells me most people are here for 32 seconds on average. About as long as it takes for the header to load and to scroll down the page. It's wild that so many people come by but don't really read. I have three seperate categories of blog links in my favourites, and I just added twice as many people to them today from the blogroll search. People I want to read more frome, see more of their site or just keep track of. No there are quite a few links I currently have that I will delete because the person is gone, stopped updating, or isn't really interesting anymore. I know that's life and all, that things change and interests evolve and you do loose touch with friends/acquaintances. I just need to pimp my blog more cuz I want to have me name on more blogrolls.


If you already have: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

I am still toying with the idea of moving this all over to somewhere where I have total control and all this fun stuff. I do have webspace provided by my ISP but they are so no fun. I like blogger enough, I can't figure out that wordpress site I signed up for and I am a deadbeat who won't have credit again before I'm 50-ish, if I follow the advice of my trustee appointed financial advisor. If I don't I may never have credit asgain. Ah student loans and governement collection agencies - BITE ME.

If I had that digital camera, or someone would lend me one, I would be posting pics of me, the orange couch (which may not be coming with me) and general things I want to or have said I would. Like the insane sheets. Or my new BOGO shoes from Payless. They have real leather. The one pair are Airwalks with baby blue canvas and little black skulls with dark blue suede trim. I love skate shoes, nostly because I have flat, stubby and wide feet. Converse had a pair of dark blue suedes out a while back that I got for like 40 bucks on sale and wore till they fell off. Someone told me they don't make them anymore, but more importantly I haven't found any converse in this part of the universe; so when I found these I was so happy. Not white, cute, skulls, some leather/suede, fit well and are within the confines of my mini budget.

I feel like an uber freak when I'm wearing dark jeans with bright white sneakers with hot pink trim. I don't like pink. These are the shoes in question BTW and these are the bogo pair I got. Can't find a pic of the Airwalks and I spent hours last night looking for them with my best friend from college. Just trying to share the shopping experience, it's been months since I got anything new to wear. My closet is going to be a huge casusalty of the move. I'm going to have to make huge sacrifices in the amount of clothes I'm keeping with me out of hope I'll wear it some day. I know I'm going to lose more weight in the next few months, right now I'm in a holding pattern and I can live with that. Yet I really don't need to keep all this stuff I didn't wear when I could and can't wear now, just cuz I might wear it later. It's just a waste of space and someone else could be using the hell out of it.

I will be back later with the Mental playlist.

Keep blogging.
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