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From the ghost land of the easy life.

06 October 2005

cause i wonder sometimes about the outcome of a still verdictless life am i living it right :
Ain't one of you been doing your job and letting me know why guys dress in green and red together like it's Christmas all year round. Also not a one of y'all leaving a note of well wishes for the job. In case you even still care I GOT THE JOB. No big surprise because I always rock the interview. I didn't have a doubt but of course I'm having buyers remorse because as good as this all sounds it's 200 a month in gas, plus my rent here and all the other fun stuff. EEK. El expensivo. Also, if I wanna move there I'm looking at a whole lotta upfront costs to do it. I'm having twitches just thinking about it.

I'm always ready to a jump off that bridge when I get to it I guess, I tend to do that, crossing it isn't as much excitement. I'm already looking at apartments because I'm so ahead of the curve on these things but actually seeing them will be the fun part. Oh life is like a box of really old and dried up cheerios. Even a tonne of milk will not help them, but they are all your food - so you gotta find a way to eat em. I'm just waiting for the whole deal to get funner - like when I'm put on the 11pm-6am shift forever. He heehehehehhe.

Oh yea and today is one so long day I hardly slept last night and then I got up at 7 to be ready fro 7.45, got in the car and got there by 9.15. Did the testing and waited til like 11.30 then waited til 12.30 for my ride to finish up his interview and all. We drove around and all found me a burner for cheap then got lunch and got back here by 2.20. The nice guy who gave me a ride thinks I'm insane. I think it's better then him thinking I'm still into my EX. I was talking a bit about the stupidiity that is him on the way and got told I was talking like I was just mad at him not like he was an EX. So I gave some details and I didn't hear anything again about how I still liked him. I heard a lot about how he couldn't live like that. Anyways I'm a burned cat now to this guy. I'm such a catch :)

Hopefully it all works out in the end, I need a little goodness and fast luck right now. I'm hoping it all kinda falls into place like I just came around the corner and ran smack into the big picture. But it's like I think they said in The Matrix - "You can't always see around that corner. You can only see as far as the last decision you are willing to make."

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 2:26 PM

MenTal fUrbAll