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24 October 2005

becasue of you i am afraid :
Carpool guy wants to kill us all!!!!!!!!!!

Ok maybe he just wants to kill me. He was beyond pissed that I passed our final training exam with a higher mark than he. He's still oscillating wildly over wether or not to share an apartment with me. I'm thinking it'd be so nice to have cheap rent, but his less than stellar disposition makes me want to beg him to crash us into the nearest transport on the highway. Oh, and then there's how he's always telling me I suck, I have a shitty attitude and just generally have little or no reason to live because I'm so unhappy. Hell I thought it was him, and I tell him so.

Yea welcome to manic depressive central, where you can live the life of the unhappy and mean vicariously through their attacks upon my happiness and menatl health. At least the hottie with ice blue eyes - that's the Scott Speedman look alike people - talked to me today. A real conversation. Turns out he has no idea what my name is but he's faultlessly polite. Beaucoup points for that.

Back to the test - I finished an hour ahead of the end. I am now and have always been a fast test taker. I do sometimes make dumb mistakes because I don't read the questions all the way through, but I do that no matter how long I take. I think it's some sort of test anxiety really. If I don't do the test fast I start to lose hope of ever fininshing it, and then there's how it's like time speeds up when I'm doing the test too. I always think I'm taking WAAAAAAAY longer than I really am. MAybe I have a rare form of test taking dysmorphic disorder? Well it's a thought.

Wentworth is back on tv tonight. Be happy you'll get to see him walk and talk. Dr. McDreamy will continue to make himself at home here until it's time for someone else to drop by. I did see a rather spectacular picture of Keanu Reeves's ass last night, but I didn't want to alienate anyone or offend to much. I should say it's allegedly his ass, since you don't see his face it could really be anyone. I still vote for Keanu when I can. Wentworth is the new hotness but Keanu is the bomb.

I swear I'm just this side of totally drooling on myself in sheer stunnedness at how lame I am. I do want to say to the world, if you see Keanu tell him to wash his hair. When you go through the trouble to put on a tux to honour Al Pacino - dude, wash yer hair. It's just sad you don't know this yet. Please stop looking to give someone an excuse for attacking you with pressed powder and cornstarch, or maybe some joy - it gets the grease out.

Ok I'm done. Love yourself. Keep blogging.

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