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20 September 2005

through early morning fog i see visions of the things to be :
Ever had someone get mad at you because you didn't call or come over - but you never made plans? Apparently I have a girlfriend. A desperate, needy, unwanted girlfriend. The kind who thinks we're joined at the hip and is disappointed when I don't turn up on my days off, or any old time I'm not working really. I've inherited someone I used to be. I'm so ashamed.

I can remember feeling all lost and dejected when my high school friends wouldn't spend time with me on the weekends, or like anythime outside of school. I was a smotherer. I grew out of it. I have now to deal witht he karma of that phase. I got a call after, oh so sadly JD Fortune won the Rockstar competition. I'm NOT going to buy that album and I'm telling you JD is arrogant enought to quit the band as soon as he possibly can. Better have an ironclad contract on his ass boys, he thinks his shit don't stink. Anyways I get a call from chile. She's scaring me with her utter desperation. She's broke and had her furniture and fridge and stove repossessed and I feel bad for her. Yet there is this big voice in my head saying don't get suckered here, she did this to herself. That's right, I said it. I'm blaming the unfortunate soul for her bad luck. I feel bad for her, but I can't help her out of her situation. I have no money to lend her, I can lend her my time and attention, but I needed some me time to veg and that so I wasn't around being a groupie today.

I LOVE Jason Lee. I watched My Name Is Earl instead of the first half hour of BB6's finale. I couldn't have cared less who won really, neither of them was the best player cuz BB6 has gone all Survivor and the best players get voted off as soon as the halfwits realize they got game. I'm officially giving BB up, I can't honestly say I care whether that show has more twists than every roller coaster on earth, it's really too beyond lame to even get guilty pleasure status anymore. I'm glad Kate was on NCIS, really sweet her many faces. I'm all wondering what's next. Oh hell, Tuesdays are going to be hard on my VCR, I'll tell ya that now.

Not sure I'm liking Bones the character. I like David Boreanaz, but I've said it before and I'll say it again - making the strong woman lead any combination of scary, overly conforntational, unfriendly, cold or a bitch doesn't win me over. Hell it doesn't win me over for the male lead either, so there. I am into How I Met Your Mother simply for Neil Patrick Harris' over-the-topness. I'm looking forward to the next Threshold, wondering if I'll like Invasion and sad I missed Surface. I'm watching Supernatural and Wanted tonight, taped them. I'm missing Rescue Me tho, and I love Dennis Leary. I'll wait for the reruns I guess. Always reruns on Showcase. I'm trying to check all the new and glorious out while I continue to support the shows I like. It's gonna be hard. Everything is triple booked on some days, but I'm hoping to see every show once and then, if not again, remembering what was worhtwhile for reruns summer. I'm so ambitious!

Now if only my job hunting was panning out like the fall schedule is. I'd be so happy. I'm way to lacadasical about all that I think, but I'll get over it I'm sure. Eventually I'll work myself outta my fall funk and become the working through Christmas again money maker I am wanting to be. Wish me interviews.

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